Games Done Quick starts next week! This is me digging through *some* of the schedule and picking the games that I'm most interested in seeing.

The times/dates in these screenshots are local to my timezone (GMT+10), the complete schedule with accurate times is available on GDQ's website. βœŒοΈβ€‹

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Y'all, I just found out about the emoji set in Adobe's Japanese font, Ten Mincho. This is the complete set, I have to share these.

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Oh no. The PS2 need a total disassembly just to replace the battery.


I greatly appreciate any game that lets me play as my Mii, who is extremely powerful and a force of vengeance, and it's all I ask of any game on Switch

Found this little buddy on my bedsheets!! Made sure it went outside safely, couldn't have it on my bed while I sleep. Be well, friend. 🦎

A small collection of threatening auras encountered in Sven Co-op with @Chaofanatic, @PaleFeatherZen, and @HyperchaotixFox. 🦊🦎🐦🦊 (all @ Twitter)

I couldn't post this video here because it's too big, so I'm linking to my post on Twitter. This is me and Zenuel playing some extremely normal , in a boat off the coast of a tiny island.


Like, read that list of anti-piracy tricks.

Pause is disabled, language randomly changes, some gems don't drop or are missing from stages entirely. Your health is halved. Collected eggs randomly disappear. Traveling between worlds can cause wrong-warps.

This is an extremely good set of pranks imo

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I've been playing through Terraria for the first time over the past couple months, with @[email protected] acting as my guide. Finally beat the final boss tonight! Here's our cute house, and all of the map space that we explored. 🦊🐦

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