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This is the *exact* kind of energy I'm talking about when I'm talking about being "fussy"

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Here's a of Gen 1 Lollie's overworld sprite in action. :pokeball:

Technically a Pokésona: Lollie hacked into Pokemon Red as a Gen 1 Trainer. :poke_ball: 🦊

Snouts is out here reminding me that I need to expand upon my own PokΓ©sona's Deep Lore. These are from last year, posted literally hours before Dusk-Form Lycanroc was officially revealed lmao.

@pixl Saw this pic of Isabelle finally becoming powerful enough to get Belmont's dick and thought of you

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Safe to say, when it comes to Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation Classic, the experience of searching for Meryl's frequency is more or less retained. 🐍

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A bundle of fussy idiots doing what they do best: Be Fussy ✨🦊✨


When the thirst hits and you get to have a sippy.

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