He's all textured up. πŸ™Œ

Did my part in cleaning up the original texture seams around his legs, you'd never know that they were all fucked up.

Also: Very important boot details. 🐾

Why do we all have to wear these *ridiculous* ties? πŸ¦ŠπŸ’’

Quick draw-over + proportion edit of a Lollie player model for Sven Co-op (Half-Life 1 mod)

Tbh not sure how feasible this will be, whether animations will behave w/ altered proportions and w/e. The tail will require animations to be edited anyway lol, worth it though

Fixing up a chunky HEV Suit model to use as a base for Sven Co-op, and I totally forgot about the image I was using for missing textures

One of my favorite little bits of info is seeing how the cut 'Kotora' survived and progressed through Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Gen 1 Kotora was a three-tier line, while Gen 2 Kotora was only two-tier.

(Gen 2 sprites from TCRF) tcrf.net/Proto:Pok%C3%A9mon_Go

πŸ”— helixchamber.com/2019/02/16/wh

Prototype and pre-alpha artwork for Gen 1 (Red & Green) has finally surfaced.

We have super old title logos, backsprites for all but three of the "Missingno" Pokemon, scrapped evolutions, prototype and temporary map layouts, and original sprites for trainers.

Sometimes you gotta just draw........ Him ✨🦊✨

Downwell + Flipgrip feels so damn good, I love both of these things. More games built for vertical play, please.

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Don't mind me, local timeline just reminded me of this cute little piece that I did last year. 🍜🦊πŸ₯

Zen literally put this up there in the cockpit so that he could see me while he works, he's fucking adorable.

Zen tweeted it himself so I can finally post it here: Look at this extremely good-ass mech stomping around a winter wonderland. (and also spy me jangling about up top as a fuckin' air freshener)

telegram (new feature), CAPS Show more

A little something for @kerplunk and his husband, just 'cause they're a couple of sweethearts who deserve nice things. ✨🐱🐡✨

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