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@torideer Through the combined power of all your friendships, you will ascend and defeat ALL evil.

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@torideer @edgedestroys Gonna upwarp my fist into your chin if you don't stop cLIPPING THROUGH MY HOUSE

@edgedestroys Can't believe Tori made a 37.4726358ยฐ turn instead of 37.85792ยฐ before flinging himself with 65535 speed, smfh

@torideer I just fixed this windoooow, now I gotta fuckin' travel to a parallel universe and fix this, THANKS. :blobugh:

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@pixl Damn, this is.. decent? This sounds good?? Thanks Microsoft don't fuck it up

@AxelLycan I still love this tbh, feel the hand pose is just fine - like he's *really* sinking in for a good long line of inquiry.

@georgesquares Oh yeah lmao, definitely no magic fix for it. Folk would need to talk this through and come to an understanding.

@kerplunk @torideer Well you can't just let perfectly good antlers go to waste!

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Good morning! Trying this Mastodon thing out, and I hope you're well out there.

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