@emi I have no idea what is going on with that ATX cable but it looks hellish

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@torideer I only just realized that he's singing into a fish, bless this blue boy 🐟

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@hellojed Dude probably just deleted the app off his phone lol, definitely having a big highschool sulk about it though

Basically I just want a Pokemon Minigame collection because they're all very good

Addendum: Bring back Pokemon Stadium for the counting game as well (I'm not kidding lol, the CPU made this game so goofy) youtube.com/watch?v=taBpQMrfyV

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Bring back Pokemon Stadium specifically for the sushi minigame and nothing else imho youtube.com/watch?v=H1XdkHvdn2

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@phenokage I was just watching a co-op stream, it looks super fun!

Just found out that Cadence of Hyrule has local two-player co-op, and now I'm super excited to have that to play with Zenuel when he moves over here :ameowbongo:

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@torideer Imagine thinking that a link is the thing that people will block, rather than the person spamming it. lmao

Slamming a can of Razer's New Gamer Beverage "Respawn" as I crytype on the neogaf forums about being unjustly "name-zoned" from the Epic Game Store. My thread is swiftly deleted and I am banned on sight. This is my seventh attempt

Callout post for the GAMER who took the display name "Lollie" on the Epic game store before I could claim it: this is NOT epic, how dare you. there can only be one

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@nouv lol thank you! I practiced the hell out of it

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