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Things I am:
- dragon
- online
- love my friends

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Hey y'all, you can call me Cass or Lucas, I have a bachelor's in computer science and I play video games a lot. You can catch my streams at, but they're sporadic. I've got a sense of my gender and sexuality but i'm still working it out so posting about it in a semi-permanent introduction is a little counterproductive, but it can be summed up as "i'm :gay:​" I horny post a lot but I always CW it

Here's my fursona, art by @KumaZone

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horny introduction, multiple kinks, nsfw images 

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mh (-), expression of frustration masked in joke 

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tests are showing horny levels at 69%

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

Callout post for Jay Bruzer:
- Encroaching on my candle-eating brand

ffxiv complaining 

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stream promo 

ffxiv:ShB, joke request for tagging 

Cass :ffxiv_hq: boosted open music room. Take turns sharing your songs from youtube/soundcloud! All are welcome.

unreality? Spooky coincidence? Precognition? 

ffxiv shadowbringers, animal genitals joke 

ffxiv shadowbringers location name, genitals mention 

humble monthly => humble choice 

humble monthly => humble choice 

subtoot, parting the veil (+ when one might expect -) 

la croix, questionable beverage flavor combination 

becoming increasingly aware of the fact that i use avatars and only avatars to identify various users on my timeline

blurry eye contact, la croix 


gender joke 

Cute TF card art 

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