I honestly haven’t been in this empowering of an online space in a long time. Such strong queer energy and togetherness here, it’s given me a lot of energy to keep doing what I do. ❤️

@Lunostophiles Considering I also gave my partner his current monstersona, I know I'm good at it. Just have to make sure it's right.

Nothing is quite as intense as your boyfriend asking what sort of monstersona they would have.


I have whipped myself into a state thinking about what being a Cheshire means to me as I approach 30.

Yes, this matters.

I don't have it in a form that makes sense, but I feel really good about it. Really good. Transcendent, even!

"Yeah, I'll take a couple bottles of Spite, I sure do need it."

I totally understand that voting is not the end-all, be-all of political actions we can or should take. But you should still vote.

Vote, and vote hard, and then stay involved. Go to your local town halls and make a stink over bad things. Help out with campaigns or movements in your community that help people. Be involved, be active. Society works best when we all care for each other.

A lot of states are starting their early voting window! If you aren't sure if you will be able to get to the polls on Voting Day, check out to see if you can go on other days.

Vote! Vote, y'all!

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To do something like put someone into a state of panic for a 'truer' reaction would be causing intentional harm for pleasure.

On the other hand, the main goals of action relate to tapping into your most intense emotions at times. So...is it part and parcel?

I suddenly have a philosophy question.

So you know how there are famous scenes in film and TV where only one person knew some big twist in the scene, so everyone would react 'naturally'? Like the chestburster, or that one M*A*S*H episode.

Are those kinds of scenes ethical?

I can't believe that Ariana Grande has become our generation's Kate Bush.

Just put your head inside the dryer and scream into it.

"Winnie the Pooh: he horny for hunny."

- A thing I said to @sutter in this house we live in together

Face mask off. Skin feels amazing and I want people to touch it.

God forbid I ever use a lip mask, I'm gonna have to open a kissing booth.

Today has been a great day of getting stuff done and being good to myself so far. In a few hours, I have D&D, but for now, I have fresh coffee and a face mask on my face.

You can't put me in the dark, cuz I glow up daily.

redub christmas songs so that instead of christmas they say halloween and instead of jesus they say 'my spooky mixtape'

I deserve a vacation 🏌️
I deserve a vacation 🏌️
I deserve a vacation 🏌️
I deserve a vacation 🏌️

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