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All right. Hellbeast rant time.

What Holly Herndon is at the forefront of is something worth paying attention to. This isn't just a neat trick; this is the re-invention of music as we know it. This is the newest in a long line of milestones that brought us to the musical landscape we are in today.

This matters because this will effect the next decade immensely. I am not being hyperbolic when I say this, so I'll say it again:

Spawn, the AI in this song, is neither instrument nor bandmate.

Where's my cozy mystery series about Millennial topics.

A coder has to solve murders all around their tech sector town, and also every book comes with tips and tricks for your own code.

A reminder about the origin of "triggered" in the context of mental health 

I love watching new joke terms bubble up into internet vernacular, and right now, the rise of "you hate to see it" is making me so fucking gleeful.

"Got a great plan to monetize Lucarios" would be the starting line in a Fountains of Wayne song about Pokemon.

I just found out Applebee's delivers goon-bags of flat lukewarm fountain soda as part of their Catering Service and that's honestly the trashiest thing I've ever heard.

Episode 3 of I Only Date Monsters is here! Well, it has been here for a few days. We're getting the hang of this.

In this episode, Lu and Hayden discuss the queerest Disney uncle, Scar, along with how they did him dirty in they 2019 copyright loopho--I MEAN remake.


Homemade Scrunchie would be a great riot grrl band name.


@ionlydatemonsters @Lunostophiles @Ace I just started listening to episode one, having a good time, enjoying myself, thinking “I don’t know anything about these guys other than what the podcast is about”, and then you both agree to adopt the BDG term “thicc unc”, and my eyes got real big and I was like “MY PEOPLE!!!”

What I love about Skating Polly is, when you see their lead singer, they look like someone who at some point will scream.

And they deliver on that.

Music, Lewd 

Tonight's soundtrack is Amnesia Scanner because I want to feel like a powerful queer android.

@ionlydatemonsters I think it was the Sonic CD version of Amy Rose but this was at an age I didn’t realize I was allowed to have crushes on girls yet so I’m not 100% sure

[lil nas x voice]

Gonna take my posts
down to yiff dot life
Gonna toot
Cause I'm the shitpost wife

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