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All right. Hellbeast rant time.

What Holly Herndon is at the forefront of is something worth paying attention to. This isn't just a neat trick; this is the re-invention of music as we know it. This is the newest in a long line of milestones that brought us to the musical landscape we are in today.

This matters because this will effect the next decade immensely. I am not being hyperbolic when I say this, so I'll say it again:

Spawn, the AI in this song, is neither instrument nor bandmate.

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This cretin has been dropping sticks down our chimney for weeks and today he finally accidentally dropped himself, this is the face of someone who knows they’ve been HAD


Compursion is one of the top ten best feelings to feel.

Hello everyone. Please enjoy the Superb Fruit Dove.

Because it is all of those things.

"I honestly just spent those three minutes trying to remember whether 'GREEM' was a real word." - @Lunostophiles

Well, @sutter and I just saw a commercial featuring Teddy Ruxpin and Jason Bateman.

How's your night?

Just started a neo-noir novel about a multisystem chimaeric twin and it's honestly really good so far.

It's called This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us by Edgar Cantero.

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Oh, I love that SOPHIE album.

I just thought about how much I'd love to read a high fantasy courtroom drama.

And now I REALLY WANT TO READ a high fantasy courtroom drama.

play ponyboy at 5000db at my funeral until everyone leaves

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Putt Putt & Silent Bob Read "Wuthering Heights" as a Call and Response Yodel.

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Tonight, @Lunostophiles informed me that Sandra Bullock was very nearly cast as Neo in "The Matrix"

Which, to me, implies that "The Matrix" was very nearly a sequel to "The Net"

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