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All right. Hellbeast rant time.

What Holly Herndon is at the forefront of is something worth paying attention to. This isn't just a neat trick; this is the re-invention of music as we know it. This is the newest in a long line of milestones that brought us to the musical landscape we are in today.

This matters because this will effect the next decade immensely. I am not being hyperbolic when I say this, so I'll say it again:

Spawn, the AI in this song, is neither instrument nor bandmate.


The Adventure Zone Trailer 

Hello! I am opening up for cross-stitch, knitting, and crochet commissions. I'm currently between jobs and working to get a new one, but until then, the extra cash flow would be helpful.

And honestly? I just love crafting. I just want to make things for y'all!



Episode 12! It's about those beautiful Sanderson Sisters--that's right, it's Hocus Pocus time! Come enjoy this extremely good movie again.

As always, please also rate and review us if you get a chance!

And if you listen on Apple/iTunes, for some reason it hasn't uploaded the episode, but Hayden will be fixing that this evening. It has uploaded on all the other podcast apps, tho!

@Lunostophiles this one is a blatant lie and I have both the furry art commissions and the Laundry Files books to prove it

Also why is this band class in a fucking storage closet. Does Bailey School need more funding?

Sad to see the arts treated this way.

From what I know, skeletons almost exclusively play brass instruments.

The very first Bailey School Kids book features this maybe/maybe not vampire teacher, and like. I know a dozen or so folk who would want to Steal That Look.

Got reminded today, out of nowhere, about the Bailey School Kids books, which definitely had a profound effect on me.

A school and town full of maybe-monsters, where we never truly find out if they are or not? And also some of them are mightily queer-coded?

Yes please.

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