Hit me up on Telegram and send me all of your favourite stickers. I'm Lunostophiles on there, too.

Hellbeast Fun Fact:

There is a Purgatory, but you know what? That's where all the worst people go. It's drudgery as torture. If oatmeal was a plane of the afterlife, it's Purgatory.

And the denizens? The people who live there, are born there? I would not suggest meeting them. They are not good company.

Names of bands that don't exist but should, AKA phrases that came up in conversation with @Lunostophiles that caused us to pause for thought

- Citrus Cappuccino
- Dollar Store Dildo
- (list to be expanded upon later)

I'm a hellbeast. You know, from hell? Tartarus? Gehenna, the Lake of Fire, H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks?

Ask me anything you want to know about the Nine Circles. Ask!

Hellbeast Fun Fact:

Lucifer? He sounds exactly like Vincent Price.

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the first mockumentary video game was Spyro the Dragon

not joking

A badge from the wonderful @[email protected]!

Here in the Church of the Hellbeast, all are welcome under the sharp eye of Lunostophiles, Mother Ulterior.

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The great thing about @Lunostophiles getting so much hellbeast art is that now I have so many more references for when I randomly doodle that hellbeast

I'm listening to Assemblage 23 for the first time in a decade. That's all.

Excuse me??? Hello??? Google docs??? Are you okay??? Why are you doing this??

In case you block bird echoes, here's this wonderful birthday present from my friend Devin Partlett!

Jesus fuck this is very good.

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