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All right. Hellbeast rant time.

What Holly Herndon is at the forefront of is something worth paying attention to. This isn't just a neat trick; this is the re-invention of music as we know it. This is the newest in a long line of milestones that brought us to the musical landscape we are in today.

This matters because this will effect the next decade immensely. I am not being hyperbolic when I say this, so I'll say it again:

Spawn, the AI in this song, is neither instrument nor bandmate.

I just found out you can buy iridescent window film and everyone better fuckin' strap in because no window is safe from me now.

The aesthetic of Sid & Marty Krofft shows is an untapped aesthetic well for visual mediums.

Lidsville: the RPG

H. R. Pufinstuf, a rhythm game

The future progressives want is the ability to solve both your technical and gender problems in one convenient location.

I saw this bus a few years ago at Quincy Center and I still don't fucking know where Moon Island is.

I think I missed my RPG starting quest?

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I was just trying to find baby animal pics; what the hell is this and why am I laughing so hard

I know it's traditionally Macro March, but being a macro and a fan of handmade objects, I vastly prefer Macro May.

Booomers Are Killing the Furry Nickname Industry.

The malleability of language is one of the best parts of language.

But goddamnit Boomers, you made it to where I can't call kangaroo friends boomers cuz it sounds like I'm ragging on them.

New art, and a gift from my friend Draganta.

Dragon Lu has been coming for a while, and here he is! Four arms, four eyes, all cosmic power. Not always macro but what better way to be a macro than a dragon.

RT @[email protected]

A gift for my good friend @[email protected]

His form is as fluid as water, taking form of a macro cosmic dragon, spinning a yarn of a tale in his classy massive way.

And thanks again to the kitty for making this vision a reality. You made both our days.


@KitsuneTeej We just keep running into each other! How are you, old friend?

Someone get me a giant shawl that looks like a spirit board so I can fully become the probably magic auncle I was born to be.

Of course, all of these points could be argued further and further down rabbit holes, because even I know there are mistakes in this grandiose argument.

That's okay. I'm not here to prove why I'm right or wrong.

Just, making things, and finding ways to put your energy into things that make you happy, no matter what you do with the product afterward, is good. Just do it cuz it makes you happy.

Being happy is revolutionary, too.

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