@Lunostophiles @sutter If they really wanted to get, uh, Creative, they could go into Dan Brown levels of symbology, with something like: "The unity of the upright triangle and the inverse triangle in the six pointed star represents the unity of the masculine and the feminine"

@Motodrachen @sutter That is way more thought than a EuroVision planning committee is ever going to put into a theme.

@Lunostophiles @sutter So... You're saying nobody on the Eurovision board ever read the DaVinci code?

@Lunostophiles @sutter Next they'll be featuring a bunch of thelemic geometry saying it's just cool fractals or something.

@Lunostophiles The more I read this, the more it sounds like a transcript of someone doing PowerPoint Roulette

@Lunostophiles @sutter this reminds me of that pepsi logo redesign document

I hope there's a band which truly embraces this with the most magnificent of musical instruments

Mash 2 triangles together & you get the star of David 🤔

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