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Today, at McDonald's, me and my manager got locked out because the exterminator thought we had the keys :blobbounce:

It's too early to be awake
So why
Oh why
Is there so much people ordering coffee at this hour

Y'all telling me to go on snouts more: Come on it's fun and dynamic

Snouts: pellets guy, feet

thanks to all the cuties who made me feel special and gay this weekend. I've had a long history with being scared of my queerness and along with it having associated touch starvation and lonliness

so to @mahahahadyne , @Proxy , @modest , @Manik , @M3G4B1T3 , @Duende and many others who i got to cuddle with and/or pet this weekend...thank you. its so amazing to feel loved and to make others feel that way. the blissed out looks on your faces will never leave me

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fursuit, ANE 

fursuit, ANE 

Thanks to all the people who made my night the most memorable one

@Duende @hyperlink @jay @ArgiRocio @LucasTheDrgn @Manik @wottermelon @fakemaxkeeble
And all of the others which I wasn't able to grab the name of <3

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Aaaaa the fediverse is amazing, and snouts is the best freaking thing since I was introduced to the furry fandom.

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*plops down on ur couch*

I'm a newtype but only specifically for knowing when @M3G4B1T3 and I both are lazy enough to just want to get pizza.

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