Jack Dorsey, join snouts. We can give you a ridiculously quick tutorial on how to deplatform nazis.

“Lauryn what does this mean” glittery rock

Good morning I am extremely made of crystals today

Storms and Flowers are the best kinds of candle scents you cannot change my mind

Chaotic Candle Dipshittery


If I see a candle I Will Light It. I have never been Arrested at Yankee Candle and I will never be caught. I will not change my ways. I have 800 lighters concealed in various nooks and crannies in my outfit, and another 200 in the cracks and crevices and holes of my body. There are even some in my pores. I am a powder keg of butane and I WILL light this delicious smelling wax rods and jars. Do not fucking test me. You will regret it.

“What do cats even see? Why do they just attack the wall sometimes. Why do they Do That?” asks the dog as they lose their shit over someone saying the word ball

The kitten has figured out how to crawl under the covers when he’s cold.

Scoots around hollering because My back feels like it’s shattered

horny, hypno 

I’m gonna train my cat to associate APPLE BOTTOM JEANS BOOTS WITH THE JEANS to mean he’s safe and loved

Joke’s on the monkey’s paw because all I gotta do is get shot with lasers

dysphoria and gender shitpost 

dogs do not open 

He is so small and his heartbeat is fast. He’s snoring into my ear. I love this little man

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