This makes no sense but has been rattling in my brain at 1000 decibels so here

Honestly if we’re close please

PLEASE play with and braid my hair. It feels really nice and I love it when people I love feel comfortable enough to do that

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@robin happy birthday I love you and I am so so fucking happy you’re here and part of this world. You are a joy to talk to and an absolute gift to everyone

I am bad at keeping in contact but that doesn’t mean I don’t love u, friends.

I’m at the point where my world view, extremely boiled down, is

“The world is hostile and unkind. I refuse to be the same.”

I am one person. I cannot change everything. But I can and will endeavor to make the World kinder in every way I can

Lucario are blue raspberry or cherry they are not lemon

There will always be someone who wants you to thrive. Their energy is far more potent than those who’d see you wither.

No sir officer this is not a battle baby this is my emotional support lucario

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According to a new study 1 in 5 people are dog and or puppy

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