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covid-19, asking for help 

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in nearly 30 years in this life

It’s that you must be good for the sake of being good. The world is dark and cold, so I will be bright and warm to the best of my ability to counteract it.

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*watching Gourmet Makes*

Claire: so I think what I’m gonna try to do is make my own peanut butter from scratch, but I’m not tempering the chocolate. I refuse

Me, drinking wine from a sippy cup: that’s not gourmet Claire u gotta temper the choco...

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This plush is just chillin in the rain on this fence column in the rain. Just a friend. A chill bud. A rad lil dude.

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Just some dogs being pups no big deal don’t worry about it

My gender is fresh doughnuts from the fryer

covid, asking for help, help 

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Seeing gushers in the store and out loud saying “I want fuit gushy”

Cat keeps trying to lick my chin and neck. Why

Bought toilet paper today. In the 20 seconds it took me to take my cart to the return, I saw someone looking in my back seat at it.

This is fucking stupid.

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covid-19, asking for help 

the opposite of hyperlink is hypodisconnect

my brain: “bite the steering wheel”


my brain: YOU GOTTA

My three favorite Ice Cold Coca Cola Drinks:

Golden Corral, Hot Tea, and Milk.

I’m feeling really hopeless today, y’all. I’m tired and I don’t want to give up but there’s too much shot happening in politics and happening at home and I don’t want it anymore. I don’t want to keep trying to stay afloat, it’s not fair

Hey y’all, this is a transmasc artist who needs insulin and their insurance is refusing to pay for it. They need help or they will die. They’re taking commissions but also accepting donations. Please help if you’re able.

I’m Sklort McFungus..... my Nickname is Witch.... my birthday is June Tenth....

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