@MadokaMeowgica why is this so big to me? is it that lyft is all over and that pushing out a change to their driver and passenger apps would make every lyfter see and think about the choice of they/them? is it this feeling of a forcible discourse shift in the right direction? why do i feel like applauding a rideshare? this is weird


This is using a large platform for the service of positive change and good, and it makes me extremely glad.

@MadokaMeowgica it doesn't hurt to be happy about a thing that's good, i guess. it's just refreshing to see positive strides being made

@MadokaMeowgica I feel like this would actually just open me up to increased risk from drivers being transphobic or misogynist to me.

@shel I can understand that but I got this in an email for drivers and the takeaway for me was that this is a “passengers will start doing this so either respect it or face the consequences” situation

@shel with that being said, your comfort takes priority so if you’re not comfortable doing it, you absolutely don’t need to because you deserve to be comfy and feel safe 💕

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