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"" sounds like a name for DRM protection that requires you be connected to the internet at all times for your snout to be accessible

it's amazing there's a project that works off nvidia's gamestream feature that actually makes it work. The original thing has been in beta status for ages, with absolutely ridiculous limitations and bugs. It made playing Heroes of Might and Magic VII so much easier (since its online multiplayer is buggy as hell) and also it allows you to play games like Cuphead or LEGO series online.

I didn't eat BACON

critical mission failure


it gets really hard for me to remember what exactly my age is and I don't know how to feel about it

tomorrow i'm going to eat bacon and you can't stop me

all i want for christmas is that people i like would feel the same about me

there are only two moods: horny and sad.

is snouts dot online more of a coffee or a tea place?

actually, I still have a lot of gum but I'm all out of ass.

I came here to chew gum and eat ass, and I'm all out of gum.

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