One of the most fucked up parts about being back in college is how every single place I go wants $5.

Its worse than indiegogo or some shit.

EasyBib? $5 a month please. Wanna have full access to google scholar with no paywalls? $5 a month please. Wanna edit your paper with grammarly? $5 a month and full access to all of your data please.

Everywhere wants me to pay. Higher education is a luxury scam. An MLM...

Fuck capitalism.

If y'all have FREE resources that would be a lifesaver.

Spruced up for a thing tonight.

God damn I love this pic. All of my good sides including freckles!

I'm noticing more and more that my friends on facebook are dropping leftist memes and following more Marxist pages and its nice.

It's cold. It's windy. It's Alaska.

It's the perfect time for coffee with the mate.

Sucks he's in Australia.

He'll be here eventually.

Not soon enough though.

It's been snowing for two days straight.

Fuck you Alaska.

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Hey @TaliDeer95

Welcome to Masto.

Finally we can leave the hellsite that is Twitter.

lol, jk. We'll still stay there to dunk on liberals who think Robert O'Racist is a good presidential candidate.

The best part about Snouts is how the people here are genuinely invested in building a safe, welcoming community.

Every single time I've had questions about Masto or something related to Snouts I get like 5+ people replying and being helpful and supportive. Its great!

Love y'all!

How do I send someone an invite to

Okay so like, anxiety disorders super duper fucking suck, okay?

Like, omg *tosses my hair* seriously...

Nothing at all is happening, I have had no caffeine,

I slept well.

there is nothing to be anxious about.

...panic attack

Born to stress
Anxiety is a fuck

Chasing rabbits 4 life
8,827,817,119 neurodivergents

Today is just going to be a day where everything sets off my anxiety, isn't it?...

weee... fun...

14. The only regret I have is not meeting you sooner. You are seriously the best thing to ever happen to me and you have done nothing but right by me. I love you so so much.

15. Can you save me a whole lot of time and just light yourself on fire so I don't have to bother burning you in the message boards? K thx.

11. Honestly there is far too much good I can say about this. Cryin happy tears just thinking about this. You're a damn good person and I'm honored to have met you. Thank you for everything. I hope we have the rest of our lives together in happiness.

12. What's your @ so I can block you?

13. I'm sorry you couldn't accept me. I'm a damn fine person and you should be sorry you missed out on me.

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