🎶Nose that sticks out🎶

🎶This is a thing that I post about🎶

This sticker is basically me being as social with people as I can maintain:

Ya'll ever just think about how cool gender neutral pronouns and terms are??

All these furries out here making skins of their sona for their minecraft character and not even giving them any clothes, smh.
How would you like to wear a cold suit of armor and not have anything at all to keep your warm?
HMU if you don't at least have some good undies

Horny, new kink 



Med drug mentioned 

Random musing: all my life I used to be extremely sensitive to cold, to the point that the chill from opening a freezer or walking past an open-air cooler in a grocery store was extremely uncomfortable, nearly painful
Not sure why but that changed sometime in the last two years and I almost love chilly breezes now.

Guys... is it gay to define? I mean you're literally specifying distinctly. 😳☕️😔




Is time that's spent learning when it's appropriate to pad out your time card considered professional development?

Is there gonna be a Snouts get together at TFF?

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