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We need to overthrow capitalism so we can all hang out and kiss each other and stuff

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In a car with a firey 5'0" quebecois furry who's the loudest person I've ever met

Just fucking tearing into my 9-year-old self about how unoptimized his Charizard's ability choices are.

technically, the MPAA rating of the detective pikachu movie means Pikachu is allowed to say fuck at least once

Went through The Tragically Hip's discography after Gord Downie passed last year to listen to the albums that I had missed. This song REALLY stood out to me, and if I can do a little but to bring The Hip to a larger audience I'll be happy with that.

There's so many huskies in this city and I want to pet them but I always feel like I'm being intrusive to ask people to pet their dogs.

We've had people on snouts get married, but I'm waiting for the first people who *met* on snouts to get married.

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Aaaand Overleaf is down :s Guess I'm not getting work done tonight.

Mmm, my landlord is cheap and it's cold so some wholesome cuddles would be real nice.

dude everyone is so flippin cute all the time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Just so everyone sees, these are from a Montreal furry who works in exotic bird rehab and falconry, her instagram is here

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