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Hi, I'm Marzi, or Marz!

I am a 25 year old nb neuro geek from PA who draws (I drew these!), writes, and does sl mods sometimes. I even take commissions periodically and will post openings here! Usually tired or shtposting. occasionally I fursuit.

I love all kinds of music (vocaloid obsessed), pokemon, tea, monster hunter, and all manner of stuff you will likely see me post about. It is good to meet you!

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My main sonas in one post for convenience


Yea I like these way more than the blue/red

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Wait the hori joycon bricked switches..?

So are the joycons you buy separate from the switch nicer? Some reviews are saying that

Whoever wrote "Bowsette is Trans" on splatoon2... you are an MvP

I'm so thrilled. I'm gonna be on animal care as opposed to register

Not only did I get hired but I'm being put in a more hands on position instead of register work because they were so impressed with my background! I have a job!!!!

Interview finale. This is the one Aaaa

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Psa: mythical pokemon are not legendaries

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