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Hi, I'm Marzi, or Marz!

I am a 25 year old nb neuro geek from PA who draws (I drew these!), writes, and does sl mods sometimes. I even take commissions periodically and will post openings here! Usually tired or shtposting. occasionally I fursuit.

I love all kinds of music (vocaloid obsessed), pokemon, tea, monster hunter, and all manner of stuff you will likely see me post about. It is good to meet you!

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Guess who gets their Master's in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience on the 24th?!

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If i can sell one colored sketch im in the clear...come get it!

Those filled so fast ;A; thank yall so much!

Opening 2 emergency icons to be completed today! $25 each!!! Please hit me up/comment to claim, post ref and expression

Quick doodle between comms. Let's be real here Jotaro Kujo would make a handsome werewolf.

@slightlyflightyone @0xf09f8db3f09f8 @snarkydragonbutt @Nowak howdy yall! Ill be back from israel on the 30th and work will continue the following day! Thanks again for your patience- due to cramped situation on rhe plane i cant really draw on the flight ;;

Im offering 1 slot for after my queue- aka i wont take payment until my current one is clear (mid July at latest?????? ) but wanna have stuff lined up if i can. Hmu if interested, im saving to visit Bre in August!!!!!

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That being said if anyone IS interested in commissioning me -after- my current queue please please let me know.

Gonna try so hard to finish my queue here so i can take more tho . I gotta!!!!!! I must fly out and see my baby

Or if youre super patient and just wanna be added to the tail end of my queue that can be arranged but expect a much longer turnaround

That being said if anyone IS interested in commissioning me -after- my current queue please please let me know.

Just the tiniest bit Stressed bc i wanna get this queue done asap so i can open slots to try to fly out and see bre but who would even commission me after this queue i want to see bre wo bad i miss my soulmate. WHEE

Hello from Israel! Made it safe and sound this morning and have been roaming Jerusalem with my family. Finally got to meet my sister in law to be in person and she is wonderful!

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