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Hi, I'm Marzi, or Marz!

I am a 25 year old nb neuro geek from PA who draws (I drew these!), writes, and does sl mods sometimes. I even take commissions periodically and will post openings here! Usually tired or shtposting. occasionally I fursuit.

I love all kinds of music (vocaloid obsessed), pokemon, tea, monster hunter, and all manner of stuff you will likely see me post about. It is good to meet you!

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Trying to relax in a bath and not lose my shit that im picking up my suit in 5 hours

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Sorry but im posting a LOT of fursuit pics tomorrow.

Commission sketches. I also still have one (2 max) icon slot open.

Why does the album version of two faced lovers sound 1500000x better than the Project Diva one....

Hey hey i have a bunch of days off so i am opening for 3 or 4 icons! $25 each, please lmk if interested!

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