My Queue! Please note I will be put of the country from the 20th to 30th of this month, and am working on my final thesis this summer which may or may not slow my turnaround.

@slightlyflightyone - large render, 2 characters and bg details (currently at stage 2 sketch)

@0xf09f8db3f09f8 - full render (currently at stage 2 sketch)

@snarkydragonbutt - colored sketch

@Nowak - 3 part colored sketch

Halfbody render for a friend - (new style experiment)


@slightlyflightyone @0xf09f8db3f09f8 @snarkydragonbutt @Nowak howdy yall! Ill be back from israel on the 30th and work will continue the following day! Thanks again for your patience- due to cramped situation on rhe plane i cant really draw on the flight ;;

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