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Gonna try to sleep a bit more. Deep breath.

Im not here for others im here for me

Im not here for others im here for me

Not everyone needs to love me/follow me and follows =/= love buh

Being an anxious crowd pleaser is exhausting but im okay and im gonna keep doing my best.

Super Mario 666 sounds like a bad creepypasta

Otherkin, neurodivergent 

Otherkin, plural 

Anxiety, meta 

Anxiety, meta 

My headmate has been really loud as of late. I wonder if its stress.

I like Here because i can relax and not be exhausted looking at my tl

On the positive side

Ive been pretty happy w things!

Sad, anxiety (-) 

Hi! I am leaving the country in a few days so I may be tough to reach.

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