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Howdy! I'm Mel
Your Local Goth Cannibal and Furry Art Man:tm:
I'm an artist full time and I work most days
I like noses, meat, mushrooms, lanterns and The Occult!
I draw a lot of monsters, demons, cryptids, and aliens!
The majority of my content is NSFW but I still make SFW pieces!



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Valentines day more like Valentines Gay!!!
I love my boyfriend
πŸ’—πŸ’— @Treppan πŸ’—πŸ’—

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C'mon Cletus, your girlfriend's tryin'a get EweTube famous...

Hi hey hello!
I've gained a lot of followers on here recently and I feel like I should mention that I also have

a sfw/personal Twitter:

a NSFW twitter:

a Furaffinity:

and a discord server for Art and Chillin':

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A doodle of my favorite type of boar, cause it's boar time babey

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Hey I remembered I'm an artist and I can make whatever shirt designs I want

β›§πŸ‘ πŸ‘β›§

(PS I'm gonna do variants with the other flags.... eventually...)

here comes a special boy Here Comes A Special Boy HERE COMES A SPECIAL BOY H

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y'all ever just doodle ur fursona with clothes you wish you had on them?

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Look inside your local Trash and you may find a friend and boy

A quickref for a friend who "Doesn't Exist" :^/


A Charlie for CadaverrDog on Twitter :3

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An out of theme sketchpage commission for FelixGryphon on Furaffinity! :3

Cute and Cuddly birds doin Bird Things(tm)

Hi hello have a doodle of Butch, my horrible pink Dachshund OC I haven't drawn in ten million years

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