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Howdy! I'm Mel
Your Local Goth Cannibal and Furry Art Man:tm:
I'm an artist full time and I work most days
I like noses, meat, mushrooms, lanterns and The Occult!
I draw a lot of monsters, demons, cryptids, and aliens!
The majority of my content is NSFW but I still make SFW pieces!



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Y'all ever just... Orb


This is my dumbass twink dog Thulian :3c
He bites people... Because he's a dog and also a fighter/tank

The Fantastique Mister Fox

A Random Encounters 'Heroic Presence' commission for FoxDragon on Furaffinity!


Moomintroll is his name and also my joke

Yahar!! it's Veni the pirate!
(you can tell because he has an eyepatch with a skull on it)

A doodle badge for speIlthief on twitter! :3

Four whole Weazle YCH's!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠβœ¨

for TerrificTanuki, JackalTeeth, RockMeAsmodeus, and MervynFoxe on twitter! :3

selfie (kind of, no eye contact) Show more

I liked raik ball weasel so much I made a regular one too
I might make it into something, but idk yet

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NSFW, Furry Art Show more

NSFW, Furry Art Show more

NSFW, Furry Art Show more


It's been a while, but I'm opening for commissions again! If you're interested, take your time to read over this journal and absorb everything, so you know what you're getting into!

🌲 🌲

(I'll probably make a better post tomorrow but I'm die)

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