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"Sister Act does, in fact, qualify as an isekai," I continue to protest as I am dragged out of anime club

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"I'm a car hacker," I say with pride as I continue to use my hacksaw on your shitty-ass car spoiler.

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selfie, eye contact 

Also, hey, if you're gonna be at Furpocalypse then uh...

say hello.

Thank you snouts for putting up with my nonsense. The lewd nonsense, the crude nonsense, the nonsense nonsense (which actually makes sense HA tricked you into another math lesson)

ANTIFA but we wear cute undies 

But for real I do think we need more queer and trans voices to talk about tech and get sponsorships and stuff because I think it's needed

"look I just picked this lock apart hooray and that's how you handle situations where you genuinely misplace the sub's key, you fucking dumbass keyholder."

I'm gonna start doing tech review videos on the internet and it's gonna be just me with my head on the desk and going "i'm so gay and tired... I'm tired all the time everyone... buy a pixel 3a."

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now listen to me young man, i am talking directly into your ear now. i need you to do me a favor. you will do this for me. i need you to go to gamestop, and i need you to ask the bastard working the counter if they have bambi on the ps2. if you come back empty handed youll be in big trouble mister. you will never see the light of day.

I just want to get Fox News to debate twinks and bears because that would be the power word:kill I need to finally die.

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I have begun the tedious process of moving my belongings from one room to another. I need like a few days to go through all of my stuff and... ahhh.

It's weird navigating feelings and crushes and stuff ugh.

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Apparently my approach of using children's stories to explain cyber security has been a hit at my workplace.

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