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"Sister Act does, in fact, qualify as an isekai," I continue to protest as I am dragged out of anime club

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whomest am I going to see at furpocalypse?

You, a fool: Metriko, show me some anime I've never seen before

Me, the final boss of the internet: It's called Violinist of Hameln and you're gonna love how low budget it gets.

*epic beatbox backing*

My name is Metriko and I'm here to make it clear
I'm really tired why am I awake oh god oh no

imagine committing genocide and getting a day named after you


sex joke with no actual sex mentioned 

Vape bans are what caused silent hill

Me, walking into Jury Duty today: So who here has heard of Danganronpa?

Court sucks. Never get jury duty

Did a bit of Forager today. It's fun, but perhaps there are some things I would tweak in it.

Anyhow, hey y'all. Who am I gonna see at Furpocalypse?

When should I update my profile to tell all of you I will be at Furpocalypse???

Just gonna sprawl in bed all day (I wish)


jury duty 

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