FFXIV stream - wedding today! 

FFXIV wedding - invitations 

plugging my patreon! 

Jojo part 6 

Asking For Help, Long-Term Planning, Moving, Boosts Appreciated 

Hey, so our MFF roommates had to cancel, which means we have two people in a king size bed room at the Aloft, if two people are okay to room with my boyfriend and I, get in touch with me!

overall, the iphone 11 is an impressive device with a great camera and top notch performance, but without a DVD drive, i can only give it one star


in honor of dragon smooching day, which is a totally real holiday that i didnt make up, here is this old doodle i found


when it's 5:38AM and my cats decide that it's time for breakfast

*pulls into the Tim Hortons drive thru* hi I'd like the big egg


Hey! I need to take up to 3 more $25 icons to try to get out of this artblock. Any takers? ;;

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