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it's ! this week's mascot is by our very own @GlitterDisaster! her name is Crackle and she is hoarding all the boops, please share them omg

Picked up Splatoon 2 again today so I can get myself ready for the splatfest next week and sincerely forgot how much fun this game is

I was kinda burned out after finishing the DLC last year and now I'm having a good time with it again.. makes me a happy beaw

So hey snouts, if you're interested in playing Minecraft, I got a realm set up-- and a discord server to manage invitations! Come check it out! (Java version btw)


Mirina is going to be around for 14 years this month and I need to sit down and have a small crisis on how fast time has passed since I made her

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The only remaining β€œbird site” is @Webster’s homepage, as nature intended

you have been visited by Headphones White Man. repost for an engrossing audiobook listening experience

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