Hey hey i have a bunch of days off so i am opening for 3 or 4 icons! $25 each, please lmk if interested!

Hey so it's Appreciate a Dragon Day

So like

Be nice to me

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Zest said that the server was pooping itself, and then went on to say it was pooping itself into a new body so uh

my wife has a way with words

okay gonna set a timer for myself to goof off with videos game for a bit before getting to work on art

Just a reminder if you're interested in getting one of those pixely icons I've been doing I encourage you to send me an email application!

Instructions: email me at [email protected], attach your reference(s) and let me know what your @ here on mastodon is so I can reach out to you if I accept it!

Price is $15 and I take payments through ko-fi or paypal

i can't remember if i already posted this but

Pixely icon for @mawr ! (with bonus transparent version!)

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hi all! it’s a !

this sunday at 1PM eastern time, snouts.online will be going down for about an hour to migrate to our new, beefier server!

also, you can check the status of the instance at any time by visiting status.snouts.online

thank you! GET BEEFY!!

boost this good girl and good things will happen to you today. the good things will still happen to you if you don't boost I'm just giving you an opportunity to see my cute owl girl and have some good vibes to start off your day. good morning!

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