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don't be alarmed

happens all the time

endless battle, you know

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Helo my nam es astra and i am en buny girl

I monsh de bänana

Becuz i am buny

I will now drink de carrot sauso becuz i am buny

I cannot fly but i am buny

blademaster is so satisfying a hero

his 2h sword animations and crits are just the most fun thing

i think theyre still mostly neat, but its a lot worse to like actually try and play well with

i was getting annoyed that people keep being super negative about reforged and complaining about the graphics

but now im just mad cus theyre right :/

heres the same camp (on the other side of the map) in original wc3 btw

i even bothered to wait till it was night for this btw

also why couldnt they even keep the icons the same?? dont need new attack and move icons theyre just fine before

so basically when it comes out im just gonna play the reforged campaign then just keep using the original graphics

also i dont like the new warcraft style, which looks like what they did for the movies, which looks dumb

and takes itself too serious

actually kinda dont like the wc3 reforged graphics theyre kinda visual mess and nothing is as clear as the original graphics

oh gross you need to veryify your account with a text

the chinese version of wc3 actually has mmr for some reason and is apparently way more popular

The crate contains a weird terracotta maul. It's adorned with engravings of castles. It's worth no more than 77 copper.

i wonder why theres no wc3 ladder maps that use the outland tileset

dark ranger's ultimate is a charm spell

that she can only use on lady heroes

cus shes a lesbiab

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