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Helo my nam es sylvie and i am en buny girl

I monsh de bänana

Becuz i am buny

I will now drink de carrot sauso becuz i am buny

I cannot fly but i am buny

oh also i forgot one of the races is just

be a skeleton

also a great little touch in asheron's call is in taverns you can buy directions to dungeons and grind spots if you dont know where to go

theres 2 races in asherons call that are just like


they look like silithids from WoW (blizz prolly stole them from AC)

apparently tho they cant interact with humans so i dont wanna play them yet

and i like making numbers bigger, and asheron's call has that too

but mostly it just feels like im playing an elder scrolls game or something

like p much every other mmo (even everquest) doesnt feel like a role playing game it just feels like
make numbers bigger to be better than others

i think part of why i like asheron's call so much is it just feels like an rpg

grilled burgers dont taste like burg they just taste like grill and thats why theyre bad

if burger king burgs werent grilled theyd be the best

nothing about it is good also tbh but somehow its in just the right way to make it good

my favourite part about asheron's call is its the cheesiest cheesy high fantasy can get

consumes copious amounts of cereal to consume more dairy to gird my body for the

@Mooncake like i wanna just every few months make everything a bit barely perceivably different

I want to be a trickster goddess but like in the warp reality and make everything abstract sheogorath way and not be a weird asshole like loki way

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