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don't be alarmed

happens all the time

endless battle, you know

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Helo my nam es astra and i am en buny girl

I monsh de bänana

Becuz i am buny

I will now drink de carrot sauso becuz i am buny

I cannot fly but i am buny actually is less horny than other instances ive been on including snouts and the only problem ive ever had with it is like 90% of the time when people join theyre like “haha hi this is my lewd alt” then flood the timeline with crossposted porn for like 2 days then they never come back

im the internet's #1 obsidian games hater

for some reason retail wow turns off windows 7 aero now and i dont like that

one time last expansion i spent like 5 hours getting rejected for normal antorus raids even though i was way over geared for it

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and you cant even get into guilds to do things because they have the same gatekeeping

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the only way its possible to do anything is if youve been part of a guild for years

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