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not like the ban actually meant or did anything because I still keep getting followed by big titty pornbots and I was able to unblock my own smut blog by inspect elementing the nsfw toggle and just. turning it off lmao

sorry to be The Phone Complainer this morning but like. can a fone maker just make a phone that has a nice big (removable) battery and a nice big (ish) screen on it

god apparently huawei or whoever is also making a folding fone where the screen folds on the /outside/ and that seems like something that would even more prone to a catastrophic failure, not even including the fact that the screen is going to get scratched to fuck in about 3 seconds of it being in a bag or a pocket

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This cretin has been dropping sticks down our chimney for weeks and today he finally accidentally dropped himself, this is the face of someone who knows theyโ€™ve been HAD


even so often google news will decide to spaff a lot of new phone tech news up the wall of my phone and every time I decide to take a look how boring it is its always incredibly boring

just kidding it's probably for shareholders counting on tech nerds to instantly snap up whatever new thing is definitely not just "the same thing we put out last year but infinitesimally better"

like. was a phone that folds in half meaning you now have a two-phone sized lump to fit in your pockets anything any real human on earth actually wanted, who is this device even for

lmao apparently more than a few reviewers have been peeling off what they thought was a protective film like you get on new phones, but it turns out it was actually part of the screen they were peeling off

@Moot a reminder that this was a literal TV ad around the time of that whole mess

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me: saves game
me: exits, game asks "save and exit or exit?"
me: saves and exits

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