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|           y'all got
|            any snacks
|∩ ∩     
| '  x' )

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moths are neat but I'd wish they'd just chill the fuck out when they get inside

Under GDPR, companies are required to erase consumers' personal data when a user withdraws their consent.

In the EU? Use Opt Out (free & open-sourced) to exercise this right by generating GDPR Erasure request emails to have your data removed.

Why is this even an option and not just an unchangeable default lmao

Or maybe this is just a quirk of toot, it’s been literal years since I’ve actually used ios in any capacity

Also I guess toot doesn’t have an emojo picker either which is an odd omission

Man pull to refresh on ios takes substantially more effort than on android

Just had the worst nights sleep I’ve had in a long time, lads

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