I don't have a soundcloud but feel free to send me £200 via paypal

@Moot sorry anyone leaving me messages here but I've had to mute this for the sake of my poor notifications column :angercrywall:

@Moot It must use Caramel Density Running Oven Modulation to store bytes.

@Moot the difference between cooling and cooking is just one letter

@Moot but I got banned for gamergate shit moot

@Moot ugh so mad Apple got rid of the stroopwaffel dispenser on the MBP

@Moot I laughed harder and longer than I should about this.


@Moot Oh, that's what those weird slots on old computers are for!

(Kidding. I'm not that young.)

@Moot Also consider the computer chips are small waffle-wafers too, doing their best.

@Moot If only optical drives were indeed stroup waffle warmers, i would be a happy computer operator :patcat:

@Moot considered and ready for purchase. Will the SD card reader dispense my cream and butter in a slick form factor? 😂

@Moot what exactly is the data density of stroopwafels?

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