FYI anyone with a lewd tumblr thats going to get nuked, you can go right to the bottom of your blog settings and slam that export button to get a .zip with all your posts and images

@theoutrider I got a zip with all my individual posts as well as all the images that have ever been on my blog in addition to some xmls that have some inscrutable purpose

@theoutrider @Moot i had this problem and what eventually worked for me was getting twitter to email me a password reset link, which i then ignored. after that my next archive request was granted immediately

@Moot I wonder if their export system has been overwhelmed yet?

@Moot assuming it finishes processing by dec 17th

@Dex I got mine within an hour or so of requesting it, granted my nsfw blog only had like 250~ posts or so

@Moot yeah mine is.... significantly bigger, assuming it includes all reblogs

@Dex yeah my main has like 25K posts so christ knows how long that'll take lmao

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