So it turns out the only place big enough for this is the entire top of our mini fridge corner to corner. A fun thing about this is that the stand being used to hold the gun up is the same stand you would use to hold up an entire 1/000th scale kit up in the air.

I love the 00 Seven Sword and the Perfect Strike gundam, and Im glad they got Perfect Grades, but there’s no getting around how the last two years of PGs have been a kit from 2008 and 2004 with some new parts. Really hope they have something special in store for the line soon.

Another decal gem that I forgot to share earlier. Poor thing just loses the will to live halfway through.

Ah yes, famous weapon of the 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G- the GN Sword II Blaster.


When your Inkay finally hits level 30 mid battle so you gotta get in to position

Now amount of good press or recommendations for the sonic movie will break through the part where they fired all of their animators before christmas and let some dipshit antivaxxer like Carrey take a lead role and actually get me to go see it

Galar Dex in Pokemon Sword is at 399/400! Literally just waiting for my boyfriend to finish the final post game fight so we can swap dogs and then it’s done!

Can't even see anything on the new legendary gathering nodes lol, guess I'm playing Gear Catchup before I get to try and make a profit

Working on the handful of weather-specific 2% appearance rate pokemon in Sword so I can get my Shiny Charm and I just.... want to die....

I’m not even done and I already have no idea where to put this thing. It takes up like a 15”x15” cube of space with all of its pointy bits.

Can’t wait to eat some ramen with these comically large beam sabers

Perfect Grades are so fucking cool y'all the GN Drives actually mechanically spin up for the ignition sequence I can't even

Stillnot quite over how this model kit came with for-real-ass-rubber soles to put on the feet for better traction while standing

This torso took me five cumulative hours to assemble, and is probably nearly eighty pieces by itself. Sharpie for scale cuz it’s enormous

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