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Hi, Im Necrotext, or Hardt (whichever)

πŸ„ 29 y/o cow trans lady (she/her) living out of Ohio​

πŸ„ I do lots of games and art, typically illustration

πŸ„ Specifically I like MMOs and Fighting Games, you'll probably find me on those somewhere hah

πŸ„ My profile is 18+, for real, I very much do NSFW art as part of my living. And I do my best to cw all the things that you dont want your co-workers to see

πŸ„ I do my best to get back to people so dont be shy, really!

πŸ„ Art pages in my profile header

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my sonas and me 

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I made a Ko-Fi finally (Ive been meaning to πŸ’¦ )

β˜• β˜•

Honestly its like... a tip jar, that I may do something more with in the future. But for now theres no reward but my thanks for any donations, much love :trans:

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Many shapes, many flags, one me

I wanted something for pride month _(:3γ€βˆ )_

thinkin about checkin out FurReality... finally... because I live 10 mintues from the event lol... Do I know anyone whos going? Ive never asked prior but y'kno

sfw buff dragon stuff 

i have no idea if that CW is even needed but w.e really lol

sfw buff deer stuff 

It's my partner Serpentsaurus' birthday tomorrow, the 2nd! I wanted to make her something nice this year and I still like worgen so I drew ours. Love you dear :trans:

also its technically on brand for the month because we're werewolves and that is good

Ain't nothin' like a funky beat 🎧

Commission for @Vixlia -thank you! πŸ’œ

Did a small warmup the other day before I got off to drumming up proofs. Decided to draw my partner in her more recent hero role ow o

Last boost! I just like the way Kait looks, theyre good

Non-Explicit TF 

Non-Explicit TF 

I did indeed try lightening the backdrop this time for ease. I still have colors to test but I just slapped it together really fast

"Alright bird, you know the drill. Its September and time to start working on trick-or-treating!"

Its been a little, so AwesomeChocobi (twitter) and I are gonna get some candy; early bird gets the worm and all that ;3

Im open to offers, but im not much in the space for wiggling too far. Also worth noting that the power supply is unique and requires two plugs. You will get it, and it will work, but its not as simple as swapping out cords later on

The computer runs most games, current gen graphics hogs are gonna be trouble (MHW, DMCV, DOOM 2016 all chugged a good bit). But its run other things like Warframe flawlessly etc

Im gonna start here first, I got a new computer and its all set and good to go, so my old Asus ROG G20 is no longer of use to me

Looking to sell it for ~300 usd, shipping only in the united states. Comes in box with its power supply but nothing past that and the tower. Works great but my computer blows it out of the water

I7 3.6 processor, GTX 760, 8gb ram, Win 10 64bit

specs link

If youre interested hmu in a DM

A landscape I drew for tabletop as well. I still think I need to work on my scenery some, but this was a fun kinda quick-ish thing to do regardless

Look at Garuk's mane, dont you just wanna TOUCH IT CAUSE ITS SO FLUFFY

let me know if my doodles would be any easier to see/digest were they on a different background color. I always use sepia tones because they dont hurt my eyes, but I can easily swap the color before publish

Since my tabletop efforts are finally playable I figured Id doodle up characters in the campaign. Lady Asaine is the local flight's Matriarch while Garuk is @wolf115_sav's (twitter) character. Ive certainly got more to drum up over time but these were fun

Ive been aching to have a chance to put this up since I love it so much. Not *a lot* got changed about me from the previous sheet I put up. But its been 2 years! So it was certainly time to make a new one, even if just for a better drawing of myself

Im just gonna thread my ref sheets Im updating ><;

I really like how this one came out! My sonas are literally just me, who I want to present and be. And I consider my cow shape the truest me, but I kinda didn't keep up the polish and self care for it. But now here we are!

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