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Hi, Im Necrotext, or Hardt (whichever)

πŸ„ 29 y/o cow trans lady (she/her) living out of Ohio​

πŸ„ I do lots of games and art, typically illustration

πŸ„ Specifically I like MMOs and Fighting Games, you'll probably find me on those somewhere hah

πŸ„ My profile is 18+, for real, I very much do NSFW art as part of my living. And I do my best to cw all the things that you dont want your co-workers to see

πŸ„ I do my best to get back to people so dont be shy, really!

πŸ„ Art pages in my profile header

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I made a Ko-Fi finally (Ive been meaning to πŸ’¦ )

β˜• β˜•

Honestly its like... a tip jar, that I may do something more with in the future. But for now theres no reward but my thanks for any donations, much love :trans:

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Its been a minute since June so Id just like to remind everyone that Im pan, and trans, and a lot other nuanced things that are hard to go over in the character limit but its easier to just say because its basically how it is- love yourself <3

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also ftr this was drawn traditionally and then modified via digital means. Tone leveling, cutting some erased lines out completely, shading, highlights, and all that

i changed my mind and made it public Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

im going to have to figure out how better to use pens/pencils/etc because this hurts my hand still, and it makes it hard to keep up with art

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so, again, I owe *no one* my apathy, I owe *no one* my kindness, and I owe *no one* my patience for this kind of thing. Esp not in a location that heralds itself devoid of it

People need to consider how they present their opinions and how they engage public space, and apparently more so than some may think. This isnt one isolated incident either, I made the original post awhile ago. For that same reason, and its still continuing despite bringing any attention to it

further, now that Ive done some stuff.

This all stems from stuff like policing my transness and how I approach my gender, all the way to intentionally shaming the things that I enjoy to partake in. Harmless things at that

So no, Im not pleased by the toxicity. Nor am I going to allow it slide because its real bad. Shitting over hobbies is bad enough. But telling me how I should feel about gender things is 100% where i draw the line, and Im not okay with it.

This goes for everyone

FTR, im not going to stop boosting that post. Like y'all sit there and make incredibly toxic sweeping statements sometimes, and act like its just tongue in cheek fun. When, in reality, its rude and potentially hurtful

I dont owe you apathy to your toxicity

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ftr im going to keep boosting that every time it happens until it stops- Lifes short and I deserve to enjoy public spaces Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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As I think about this, still, I'd also like to point out that many people on my personal timeline have made a habit with their language to present their personal thoughts and opinions as objective facts. Which, when combined with the former post, creates an incredibly toxic posting structure

And it would be nice if everyone could take a step back and think about how they're sharing their thoughts. Opinions are great, and it's good to have them, however we don't all share the same thoughts

Wouldnt it be hilarious if today I played a joke by actually drawing something for once :angry_laugh:

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its official, makeup is hard and I am bad

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HRT and personal grooming Show more

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