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Hi, Im Necrotext, or Hardt (whichever)

πŸ„ 29 y/o cow trans lady (she/her) living out of Ohio​

πŸ„ I do lots of games and art, typically illustration

πŸ„ Specifically I like MMOs and Fighting Games, you'll probably find me on those somewhere hah

πŸ„ My profile is 18+, for real, I very much do NSFW art as part of my living. And I do my best to cw all the things that you dont want your co-workers to see

πŸ„ I do my best to get back to people so dont be shy, really!

πŸ„ Art pages in my profile header

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I made a Ko-Fi finally (Ive been meaning to πŸ’¦ )

β˜• β˜•

Honestly its like... a tip jar, that I may do something more with in the future. But for now theres no reward but my thanks for any donations, much love :trans:

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Its been a minute since June so Id just like to remind everyone that Im pan, and trans, and a lot other nuanced things that are hard to go over in the character limit but its easier to just say because its basically how it is- love yourself <3

Pikachu and Zekrom say "support lgbtqia+ rights, and make local change in your area with direct support for your community"

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Buh, now that I'm up and junk I guess I can final top of my level 50 raid stuff xwx

Ninja RR story wrapped up too. I liked it! Was a fun thing to level through and admittedly the rewards were quite nice in the end lol

now i just gotta limit break my level and junk xwx

super happy face, level 50 in FF14. Thats a load off, kinda haha

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i got an amazing headshot from @Technojara look at herrrrrrrrrrrrr omg πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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hey guys look at my fuckin dragon now please

new commission art of my cyberdragon OC Azalea by @ShinSmashega on twitter!

Pour one out for my Caribbean Waters candle. It served us well, but sadly can no longer burn TwT

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Reminder that in honor of Valentine's Day, I've added various animated pride hearts to customize your

Don't know how to customize your own little bear? Just follow my Twitch channel:

fuuuck, its finally over. Reached 49 =w=

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starting an order in daemon x machina be like


Yoshi's Crafted World confirmed fun and cute. Wish they were a little more exaggerated with animations but otherwise it's a beautiful wholesome game and I'm quite excited

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this is a long version of: Bear with me while I slowly slug about in my life for a bit

im just not allowed to do things anymore. I have so much brain fog lately that i cant even shop right. I dont know if thats my cue to unplug or to stop taking on too much responsibility for awhile :p

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