I didnt know about this, if you didnt either, now you do. :trans:

I even used it on this post to get the title card in the preview, so there you go lol

OH right, reports this button isnt visible in some Mastodon apps, however I actually gave it a shot originally on web app mobile (Chrome/Firefox).

So if you generally just use a non-browser app you can always swap, briefly, to your browser of choice and do the post there with no real fuss

@Necrotext wait what. Crop doesn't mean....cutting the image up?

@SuperCee NOPE! As you can see (since this image is set up using the crop tool) its still unaltered! Just changes the position of the preview. Its a *TERRIBLE* name for what it is, but that how it do

@Necrotext lol such a bad name. It might as well be called "delete". I had no idea! Very cool feature. It should be renamed to "recenter" or something!

@SuperCee or just like, preview or something. Anything more related than "crop" lol

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