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@masanbol is gud ott. thank ott. :yeen2: 💙

now all us MTG nerds can be even bigger nerds.

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For those of you who missed by Magic Arena stream after I got back from Anthrocon, here I am playing a Grixis Control deck again decks from the new Core Set.

And a direct link to the YouTube video:

‪While working on other projects, decided to finally make a ref sheet for my sona to finalize their design! They’ve changed quite a bit since their first appearance, but I’m really happy with how they came out ❤️‬

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Hey y’all! Please remember that some folks fully migrated over here to avoid twitter, whereas others are still here at least in part to get away from that atmosphere more generally — we’re building this community together, so please consider what is being posted over here *about twitter* and how it’s being discussed if it’s coming over here in the first place.

Thanks, love y’all <3

Hey, folks!

This year, I'm looking to host a panel at @[email protected] on the subject of mental health. If you're not attending, the panel will still be available on YouTube.

Please could people vote on this straw poll? Thanks, and please boost!



I'm curious about something.

RT if you've ever worked at a store where nothing is happening and then all of a sudden, as if by some sort of hive-mind thing, a wave of customers comes at once, and then nothing happens for a while again and this happens consistently.

Hi there! I'm Roxy, an indie dev creating a game about this spinny lad in the video! Shield Cat is in its prototype stage and I'm posting lots of builds and progress regularly, so if you wanna find out more please head on over here, thanks!

comms open! boosts appreciated!

doing full body colored pieces at $30 bucks o pop

can't afford that? no worries. colorless sketches are $20

(subjects can be SFW or NSFW, extra characters will cost extra!)

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