Nothing hurts more than a broken heart. 💔

Not gonna lie...I've taken a liking to caribou's lately. Don't @ me. They cute!

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To my friends on and all my other friends and followers here, please, read this thread.

As somebody on the autistic spectrum, it’s something a lot of people don’t quite understand. But I feel like this wonderful community will benefit reading this, I don’t know how many others in our community are on the spectrum, but you’re not alone. 💚💚💚

I’m always around if another on the spectrum wants to talk.


I am in big cuddle mood. Someone come snug

I'm in a big cuddle mood. Who wants to snuggle?

Mh, depression 

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I know I don't talk hear a lot but just want to say that I love you all <3

Aaaa this so adorable! I love this piece! I love it when snow lands on my snoot.

Art by CombatRaccoon on FA


Oh wow! I just realized I never did an ! So here's mine!

You guys can call me Nitro! My main two sona's are Nitro, an Arctic Fennec and Blaze, a wolf right now but I am thinking about changing him to a Shadow Wolf, who I may switch to from time to time.

I’m 22, and live in Coventry. RI. I’m pansexual, although I can be very gay xD. I play a lot of video games and listen to music in my spare time when I'm not at work!

Really horny 

Tired and bored 

Lewd thoughts 


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