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What makes me a good snowfox?

If I were a BAD snowfox *slams paws on table* I WOULDN'T BE SITTIN' HERE DISCUSSIN' IT WITH YA, NOW WOULD I?

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To the person outside my house yelling "shut up about keyboards": no. I will not shut up about keyboards.

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*theme music, title card: Be Aware Of The Vulpix*

Hi, I'm Nowak. I'm a Snowpix from southern Massachusetts. I like snow, keyboards, computers, video games, and... other, things. I'm currently 26 years old and have no idea what to do with my life.

My hobbies include making my bad right arm hurt and then hating myself for doing so, staring at my computer all day and taking out my phone during family events.

Also it's "Novak"; blame Polish.

have a bad drawing of me I guess

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uspol, neolib shit 

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uspol, neolib shit 

Nowak :gaysparkle: booped
Nowak :gaysparkle: booped

apparently the PS4 version, which is supposed to release this month, requires an internet connection

does the PS4 version have this "blockchain technology" that that bizarre press release from last august talked about

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is the new cooking mama a front for money laundering or

so much of this game is so mysterious, even the release

turn yourself into a pickle immediately

consider my petition wisely

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"'Vinny, thoughts on the state of South Dakota.' I have no proof of its existence." - Vinny Vinesauce, 2020


cat waking up but instead of going "ooo" it does the windows 98 startup sound

bizarre tf, nsfw 


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