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To the person outside my house yelling "shut up about keyboards": no. I will not shut up about keyboards.

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*theme music, title card: Be Aware Of The Vulpix*

Hi, I'm Nowak. I'm a Snowpix from southern Massachusetts. I like snow, keyboards, computers, video games, and... other, things. I'm currently 26 years old and have no idea what to do with my life.

My hobbies include making my bad right arm hurt and then hating myself for doing so, staring at my computer all day and taking out my phone during family events.

Also it's "Novak"; blame Polish.

have a bad drawing of me I guess

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What makes me a good Vulpix?

If I were a BAD Vulpix *slams paws on table* I WOULDN'T BE SITTIN' HERE DISCUSSIN' IT WITH YA, NOW WOULD I?

capital g gamers, cyberpunk 2077 

shitty gamers, transphobia 

shitty gamers, transphobia 

This game came out last year and it's making me nostalgic, help

I ended up getting Dusk instead of Ion Fury. I'm not about to support shitty people :3

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techbro red flags 

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if any furry artists want my $25 lmk 👀

I could buy Ion Fury, or I could not support transphobic devs and instead buy Vulpix art

Think I'll buy Vulpix art instead.


I want.... Vulpix art..... with that Eevee baseball cap I always wear when out...........

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transphobia, slurs, Ion Fury 

Todd Howard breaks into your house and sells you Skyrim ASMR

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PSA Fedi Admins 

I am pretty sure that @Duende is just a massive shitpost

I can't wait for the Genesis Mini to do 900 times better than the PlayStation Classic did

Those motherfuckers at Sega remade the "Genesis does what Nintendon't" ad to promote the Genesis Mini and DIDN'T END IT WITH "WHAT NINTENDON'T" IJKGDALOMGVJIDKV

Three Wolf Moon shirt, but instead of wolves it's Jimmy Barnes

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