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To the person outside my house yelling "shut up about keyboards": no. I will not shut up about keyboards.

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*theme music, title card: Be Aware Of The Vulpix*

Hi, I'm Nowak. I'm a Snowpix from southern Massachusetts. I like snow, keyboards, computers, video games, and... other, things. I'm currently 26 years old and have no idea what to do with my life.

My hobbies include making my bad right arm hurt and then hating myself for doing so, staring at my computer all day and taking out my phone during family events.

Also it's "Novak"; blame Polish.

have a bad drawing of me I guess

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What makes me a good Vulpix?

If I were a BAD Vulpix *slams paws on table* I WOULDN'T BE SITTIN' HERE DISCUSSIN' IT WITH YA, NOW WOULD I?

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if snouts dot online is so good then where's snouts dot online 2

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Nowak :gaysparkle: booped

game awards 

game awards 


I'd really like to change my Furaffinity username but apparently that can't be done without destroying the entire database or something, so I gotta make a whole new account


what if I made an alt on so I can be a plush all day erryday

gamers being awful, shitty subreddit mention 

gamers being awful, shitty subreddit mention 

gamers being awful, shitty subreddit mention 

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When you play Jedi Fallen Order with keyboard + mouse controls

Doom turns 26 and Windows Phone dies

Happy December 10th

The Mistel Barocco MD770 seems nice, I'd like a split 75%- oh, it only comes in Cherry MX.


That's disappointing.

Nowak :gaysparkle: booped

It's December 10, 2019

You know what that means! It's time to bring that awful Windows Phone RTM parade again, because support for Windows Mobile is over today!~

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