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What makes me a good Ninetales?

If I were a BAD NInetales *slams paws on table* I WOULDN'T BE SITTIN' HERE DISCUSSIN' IT WITH YA, NOW WOULD I?

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We're reposting intro posts? ok

*theme music, title card: Be Aware Of The Vulpix*

Hi, I'm Nowak. I'm a Snowpix from southern Massachusetts. I like snow, keyboards, computers, video games, and... other, things. I'm currently 25 years old and have no idea what to do with my life.

My hobbies include making my bad right arm hurt and then hating myself for doing so for a couple days after, staring at my computer all day and taking out my phone during family events.

Also it's "Novak"; blame Polish

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:brain1: Fox, dog or wolf fursona
:brain2: Rabbit fursona
:brain3: Digisona
:brain4: Pokesona

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if you follow I just want to apologize in advance

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"I used to love this meal. I don't remember the gravy being so nasty though, and I have really low standards and an iron gut. It"

seeing someone on my tl speaking about motion tracking in sony vegas so

does anyone know how to do motion tracking in davinci resolve

I love Brutalmoose's videos so much, his absolutely cynical style of editing makes them so much better

Default PC gaming movement controls:

W: forWards
A: sidewAys
S: downwardS
D: siDeways

feel free to yell at me for this

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@masanbol Truth is, the game was rigged from the start

What @masanbol doesn't realize is they let me use Dazzling Gleam on Snouts and now everyone is attracted to me

the problem is there's an _ in the emojo name, which, combined with the emojo for alolan ninetales, ends up going over the character limit for names on mastodon

Can't put Alolan Ninetales and a gay sparkle in my name, I'm disappointed

@Doveux Could you delete those toots from last night? Thanks.

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