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I'll hop on the train too!
Hi! I'm Ope (like you just bumped into a midwesterner), and I'm usually a polar bear, but also sometimes an american akita.

Late 20s, pansexual cis-male from America's east coast, and an IT professional by day.

By night I like to do freelance voiceover work, work on my CRX, play video and tabletop games, and do fuzzy stuff on the Internet.
I'm trying to be more social online, so I'm thinking about taking a stab at casual Twitch streaming too.

Say hi!

You're ALL Friends!

NONE of you are free from Tori!

and his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him...

@Ope I regret to inform you this was not super illuminating but that pizza does not look very nice

angry loud ranting about safety in bon appetit videos

furry trashpost, semi-lewd Show more

Bird is on Snouts now!! Everyone say hi to Zenuel, he's cute bird and I like. :meowcowboy: @palefeatherzen

@Ope @Duende @Ace @Proxy @glen @Rybark @hyperlink You are an absolute treasure and I would absolutely die for you. Thank you so much for this gift.

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