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This goat is!!

Laid out and ready to get smooched

Me, judging dragons based on their hide: S'cute. S'cute. S'cute. S'cute. S'cute. S'cute-

Quick poll who'd be interested in dating my sona Mint

or alternatively, my hornsona Pepper

Been banging my head against the wall tryna work out a big puzzle for this Sunday's Trail of Cthulhu session hhgh

Might just. Take a break and work on something else

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Oof, I am feeling rough this morning, friends :(

When you go for a night out on the town with your work friends

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Worse yet that whoever wrote this article was specifically talking about the Ultra Beasts, who were... intentionally designed to not look like Pokemon???

"They need to stop making Pokemon look like Digimon" is such a stupid fucking take that it's making my knuckles itch

Boyyyy do I wish I could get another couple of hours of sleep, but I gotta get to work :<

I really need to fix my sleep schedule :T

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