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HEY I (and I know a few other folks, too) wanna stay as clean on Pokemon spoilers as possible so I hope y'all will have the courtesy to tag your spoilers in the upcoming months!


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I oassed The heck out of the floor we hen I got home ans I should get to bed but I just

I wanna smooch all my cute friends,,

Made me a backup character for the tabletop campaign that I'm in!

This is Lazarus! They're part of an elite security team for a Biotechnics corporation. They have a big dumb lance that shoots plasma and they love to fight

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Honestly there is never going to be a meme that's funnier to me than this one

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I can't stop listening to Candy Store and Dead Girl Walking from Heathers oh noooo

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Help I've had the chorus to Aisle 10 stuck in my head for like three damn hours

aw shit I think between now and the release of Sword/Shield I'm gonna complete as many weird fanmade Pokemon games as I can

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