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Im thinkin it's a good time to post Cute Deer Boy Art!

This is my new main sona, Mochi!!! A full ref is in the works~

our keurig machine broke, so ive just been popping the lids off of the k-cup hot chocolates and just.
boiling water and then mixing it in.

It's made me really realize how much of a farce keurigs are lol

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. Guess im jumpin on this!
Im Aether and im a disaster and this is my again
-20 years old
-from madison wi usa
-im a dreg online
-i use they/he pronouns
-im a photographer

Does anyone do/know someone who does phone case art commissions? My old one broke and I kinda wanna get myself a custom one!

new fursona and refsheet!

meet corylis! they are a soft and huggable peryton.

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Hey everyone! If you'd like to commission me this week, id really appreciate it! my hours got cut again. My headshots are only 15$!

Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 


Offering traditional valentines badges !!

Slots will close soon so I can ensure delivery in time for the holiday! DM to order one, only 35$!

does anyone else perfer to type telegram messages on your computer, but send stickers with your phone?

I'm thinking about taking a few traditional valentines badge commissions! Any interest? :0

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