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I suppose it's time to reintroduce myself!

I'm Proxy! I'm a glitchy purple cat from Boston! I'm an electronic musician/composer, primarily specializing in chiptune! I also all things audio production/music, am way too into anime (apologies), and am queer as hell.

Pronouns are they/them! I'm a transfemme nonbinary woman who is also pansexual and polyamorous! Polycule link is in my profile.

I'm also cute, I guess?

Feel free to hit me up sometime~ :proxy:

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Adding to my pinned post! Feel free to also talk to me about:
-Beer/whiskey/other liquor (CW’d of course)
-Vegetarian cooking (CW’d of course)
-Anything in particular if what I say piques your interest!

Also art credits are on the image descriptions, but for all of my posts: clovenhooves, euqinimodart, @torideer, @monokhromatics, @Ropnolc, casparr, megumigoo, @javafinch

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Are jean skirts business casual or do I just not give a shit: a multi-part thread

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like I do genuinely enjoy seeing the kind of media folks gravitate towards and if they ask me for anime suggestions I’ll go for something similar to what they already like in terms of genre, tone, and direction

It helps give the experience a more personal touch, at least to me! I always wanna help people see more of the stuff that they’d like.

dang do I wanna watch more anime with folks

I like having this weirdly curatorial knowledge of it but also anime is (rather justifiably) one of THE hardest sells for so many people

the monthly charity poll for january is up! patrons, please go vote!

Thinking of doing a Sunday stream this week...not sure what I’d play, but I’m tempted

Commission sketches. I also still have one (2 max) icon slot open.

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I am way overdressed today for the office but that’s fine I’m still pretty as hell

day 1 at the temp job, feed me coffee until I’m moving faster than the speed of sound

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I hate gender. it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

finally being less lazy and getting an n-gage charger so i can set this obsolete technology train into motion

they're literally less than $5 so I'll finally be able to tell if this n-gage I got sent from Romania works or not, lmao

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woke up feeling 45 million times better, so now it's time to scream into the abyss and watch a bunch of dang anime while my laundry is going

I installed Duolingo to teach myself French in case I ever end up in Canada again and I FEEL CALLED OUT

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