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A reintroduction is nice!

I'm Proxy! I'm a glitchy purple cat from Boston! I'm an electronic musician specializing in chiptune! I am way too into all things music/audio production, anime, coffee, portable games, etc. Check out my bandcamp, twitch, & patreon to support my creative output!

I'm queer and poly as hell (transfemme enby woman, they/she).

Feel free to hit me up sometime~ :proxy:

.@multiform: “hey I got a cute animal vid for ya? Can you search for washing machine on trampoline”

Buzzfeed Presents: The Sixteen Funniest Numbers On The Front Of Your Credit Card, And The Three Most Epic Numbers On The Back

Got a new comm from inuHein on Twitter! Proxy got ditched at the last minute again, after they put on their best black for this!

It's @cozykaffe !!

(Did u know I'm open for comissions? A colored sketch is 10 bucks CAD!)

y'all true snouts fans if u remember me being on the admin team

ok actually let's do this tomorrow, i did a LOT of packing today and i did a makeup stream lmao

i got raided on twitch while putting on makeup and the stream got up to like 45 viewers and none of the people i had to ban came from that raid??? they were actually really nice and said I looked nice????

this rules tbh

Avalon Code stream is still on for 3.5 hours from now but right now is time for an IMPROMPTU MAKEUP STREAM, watch me put on my face and chat with me!

Maybe I’ll stream more Avalon Code tonight??? Probably around 8 PM EDT/GMT-4? Come stop by then!

snake, trying to describe non-identical twins:

hnnnrghh, fraternal

I'm finally watching the new episode of Sarazanmai (episode 6). 4 minutes and 25 seconds in, it's already been a mixture of lewd, mysterious, depressing, and hilarious??? I fucking love this dumb show.

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this is one of my fave doodles of unicorn zest, bless them

Doing a quick Avalon Code stream now that I've worked from home for the day! Time to bring in the weekend with a short stream~

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