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A reintroduction is nice!

I'm Proxy! I'm a glitchy purple cat from Boston! I'm an electronic musician specializing in chiptune! I am way too into all things music/audio production, anime, coffee, portable games, etc. Check out my bandcamp, twitch, & patreon to support my creative output!

I'm queer and poly as hell (transfemme enby woman, they/she).

Feel free to hit me up sometime~ :proxy:

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still looking for a guest for one of the shows, contact me via DM or Telegram if you're interested in being on a podcast about Anime™️

i'm contacting people about recording the podcast, have set up a show format, and have written out my idea for certain aspects of the show's production. it's REAL it's HAPPENING

A friend from high school that I was in orchestra with works at the cafe that I'm doing work at this morning, which is also located inside the local independent bookstore I preorder all of my books from~

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thanks to those who tuned into the stream! I'm actually making progress in Avalon Code now! Only uh...4 more chapters to go???

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who called it "banning alt-righters from Mastodon" instead of "gabber kicks" send toot

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my preorder of the first volume of BEASTARS is in at the local bookstore and it's too warm right now for me to even think about leaving the house again

K.Flay is an artist I've been listening to since college and she released a new record that I'm liking so dang much. "Good News" is catchy and a necessary listen for me

Sorry for missing my typical stream day last night! I'm gonna do a BIG stream day when I'm home later! When? Well, I'll post here an hour before then!

i still wanna make that odama speedrun i joked about over a year ago an actual thing tbh

speedruns are so dang intriguing even conceptually. i kinda want to do one at some point in my life

Stream’s canceled for tonight. Gonna do it tomorrow. Just really low energy, need some rest. Sorry.

Bjork gets me really really really stoked and giddy and I know if I ever see her live I'm going to have a transcendent out-of-body experience

they're playing!!! all of Bjork's album Post!!!! in this coffee shop!!!!! :blobcatmelt: :heart_nb:

from a musical sense, even though I only relate to half of the lyrics, I wanna cover "Uncomfortably Numb" really badly ssh

the American Football album that came out this year is: actually really fantastic

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