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I suppose it's time to reintroduce myself!

I'm Proxy! I'm a glitchy purple cat from Boston! I'm an electronic musician/composer, primarily specializing in chiptune! I also all things audio production/music, am way too into anime (apologies), and am queer as hell.

Pronouns are they/them! I'm a transfemme nonbinary woman who is also pansexual and polyamorous! Polycule link is in my profile.

I'm also cute, I guess?

Feel free to hit me up sometime~ :proxy:

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Adding to my pinned post! Feel free to also talk to me about:
-Beer/whiskey/other liquor (CW’d of course)
-Vegetarian cooking (CW’d of course)
-Anything in particular if what I say piques your interest!

Also art credits are on the image descriptions, but for all of my posts: clovenhooves, euqinimodart, @torideer, @monokhromatics, @Ropnolc, casparr, megumigoo, @javafinch

Anyway, more Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth! Gonna be meeting one of the main villains of the franchise today, Lezard! Also testing out the FaceRig model that I absolutely love, made by kayotters on birdsite!

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:emergency: FREE GAME KLAXON :emergency:

Tacoma is currently on humblestore for $0 and it's pretty great

(also if you want the music featured during my setup, support ♥ GOJII ♥ here:

Gonna continue my playthrough of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth in about twenty minutes from posting this! Will be doing my setup to some tunes before then, hop in and say hi!

Thinking of streaming once I wake up and have some breakfast! Probably in about an hour and a half or so? Gonna play more Valkyrie Profile!

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I got asked during a Twitch stream what kind of music I like and I should’ve just said “yes” b/c I like way too much across a wide array of genres

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what if I just did a stream of every Yoot Saito game? could title the stream Yeet Saito. Quit yelling at me

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If i get no takers for icons i might open for one or two $35 colored sketches, also same day turnaround, can be nsfw. Hit me up if interested please!

I’m wearing a dress today even if I don’t want to put on makeup because this dress is pretty and so am I

I fell asleep at 10:30 PM last night and woke up at 6:45, even while unemployed. Am I becoming a dang adult or something

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