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It’s Commune College time! This week, I introduce @hyperlink and @fakemaxkeeble to the wild, microphone-fueled world of game developer Yoot Saito! Come listen as we talk to/about semi-sentient fish-humans!

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i released my first song as prroxy today. it's called narrative ouroboros. it's harsh noise. enjoy

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A reposted is nice!

I'm Proxy, a glitchy purple cat! I'm transfemme, queer, and polyam (she/they).

I'm a noise musician! Neat! I also do a podcast with @fakemaxkeeble and @hyperlink called Commune College! Listen in, link below~

I’m also into:
-anime & manga
-portable games
-researching a lot of stuff
-leftist politics & praxis

Check my stuff out~

Feel free to hit me up sometime~ :proxy:

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hi snouts it’s time for a cat to dump a bunch of recent albums she’s enjoyed over the past few days into a short set of posts with Spotify links. Gonna make this a running thread

uspol - 

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uspol - 

selfie, ec 

stream, self-promo, going live later today! 

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stream, self-promo, going live! 

selfie, ec 

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i'm the cat who's always here but also bad at showin affection outside of random times so hello ur all lovely

what exactly is the future liberals want

Stream, Self-Promo for tomorrow 

choose your quarantine house:

1: pile of books there with you but your glasses are broken
2: you’ve got time but your glasses are broken
3: its not fair but your glasses are broken
4: all the time in the world but your glasses are broken
5: time enough at last but your glasses a

having a Cuppe of Ttea and enjoying the calmness of the Timeline

its 2020 and y'all are roleplaying as *squints* a dying retail video game store

sure why not, lets turn up the weirdness

While Amazon workers are on strike, I'm on strike from Twitch -- go follow my Mixer account! Let's not cross picket lines for the sake of video games.

I know everyone's asking these days, but I'm running low on food and could use cash for grocery shopping. If you have a spare $5, I would appreciate it.

Cash: $Lunostophiles
PayPal: [email protected]

Purity Ring released a new record for the first time in five fucking years on Friday and I'm only just listening to it now. "pink lightning" is already one of my favourite songs by them, holy shit

listened to the new commune college this morning while running, and its so fucking great. Join @Proxy telling @hyperlink and i about the bizarre, wonderful, microphone-peripheral world of game developer Yoot Saito

(this was recorded before the hyperlink’s ass-course, so no hyperlink ass discussion. however we do ponder if leonard nimoy is horny or not)

every single time i watch a video of someone doing acoustic treatment to their recording space i get the unquenchable urge to get more materials and plan a full-scale acoustic treatment of my space

...but then i remember i'm moving (sometime hopefully this year lmao)

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