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Shamelessly ripping off the style of @boldly to make this conveniently A4 sized poster

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My two characters, Psy Chuan, and the robotic Renamon, Melissa Archer! As you can tell, she's not three-laws compliant.

Art by @Catb0at on Twitter.

Capitalism was a huge error in judgement on humanity’s part, someone should really fix... that.

The sorting hat gave me the right fursona when it made me a house cat

History! Once again these are such amazing pictures... they are so vivid, so humane. They look like my moms’ albums, they feel so real

This image has such a joyous and powerful energy... it’s so energetic, so happy...

Move These Gays! Fund (Update 2) 

:drake_dislike: voice training to have a voice society will approve of
:drake_like: voice training to become a soprano so I can sing the soprano part in Urinetown and scream "CLADWELL'S NUTS" repeatedly during a song

final thought for the night, if you have ripped jeans and it's cold, leggings under them are super cute and also valid

solar system map wip 

isn't it cool how if you leave a bunch of atoms in an empty container for 14 billion years they eventually gain the ability to suffer

"Somebody is going get away with killing a cop because of this law." 

hi im twitter jack. you may recognize me from articles like "twitter jack fucks up again" and "twitter jack has no idea what the hell he is doing." ive decided that twitter is alphabet now and now were making a standard. it will probably be blockchain based for some reason

Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop a hole. Just a really big hole. The hole will be in the ground. And when it is done they will throw Jack into it and quietly fill it back up

Headcanon: When Penny says "They carted Old So and So off to Urinetown the other day." in the opening song of Urinetown: the Musical, it's the same So and So featured in Teen Girl Squad

i should prob pin this:

hi! im duende. i had a panic attack and deleted my first account (oops)

the admins were nice enough to let me re-create with my old username but i lost all my followers and content

so basically, if ur suddenly seeing us no longer as mutuals:

i didn’t unfollow or block u! im just dumb. feel free to follow me again if u did previously!!!

i never saved a list of who was doing so, so im not gonna do a mass-DM chain or anything

anyway awrwrrarwrarwrr

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