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Space Show, self promotion 

One of my coworkers has these. I just want to remind everyone that this is a world-class scientific facility.

And sims for the fiscal year have started, off to Mars to kick it off. Yondu on deck!

International export of this gender prohibited under ITAR.

I’m turning 31 a week from today. It’ll be a real prime year.



Science papers are always full of figures, but very rarely are they to scale, but in this astrophysics paper, which I’ve never heard of an astrophysics paper having a figure to scale, the authors included a 1:1 scale of a 5 Earth-mass back hole. So take 5 Earths worth of mass, compress it so it curbed spacetime infinitely, and this is how big that would be.

My hand for scale, don’t let your actual hand get that close to a real black hole though.

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space show+++ 

space show+++ 

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