Somewhere above Hamilton Lake with the hard-to-believe-it’s-real-but-it-is Valhalla behind me.

Still can’t believe I actually did this.

But I did.

Sat down on my bed at 8pm last night and suddenly it was 8am today.

High Sierra Trail, selfie, food, I did it! 

‪Well, this is going to be my last toot for the next 11 days. It’s time to go on what will be the most physically demanding, mentally taxing, and emotionally draining journey of my life. 72 miles on the High Sierra Trail, with Mount Whitney right at the end.

‪Let’s do this.‬


Well, Tootdon ain’t workin’ anymore, which I’m not surprised since it was pretty much garbage. Any suggestions for a mastodon client for iOS?

My Jeep 

continued mountaineering talk, upcoming trip 

video, eye contact, summiting the mountain 

video, eye contact, summiting the mountain 

I’m now having lunch under the high watch of Mount Whitney. After yesterday, I now know it’s within my grasp.

13 days.

selfie, eye contact, I climbed the mountain! 

‪16 days from now, I hope to be at the top of that.‬

This Garmin is a piece of cake to use, geez.

And activating. Now I can text anyone from anywhere in the world.

selfie, sunglasses 

selfie, sunglasses 

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