We can’t get in because Marriott, even though my name is on the reservation, doesn’t like my credit cards lol.

At FC! Hanging in the Marriott lobby awaiting our roomie to get in. Their flight initially got cancelled, had to scramble a bit to make it, but they’re almost here!

Some people: *sees US flag on my jacket’s left shoulder* oh thank goodness a good American boy

Me: *turns, revealing Pride flag and Jolly Roger on my right shoulder*

Some people: My goodness! Karen we need to leave, we’ve been bamboozled!

I do genuinely enjoy when people see the Pride flag on my flight jacket and then have this look of being purely uncomfortable, like, I’m glad my existence gives you pause ya motherfucker.

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Has anyone noticed the current error bar on the semi-major axis for Farout [2018 VG18]?

“95.2 ±2385 AU”


±2385 AU


This is not a limited instance by the way. Plenty of objects way way out there have massive error bars because we have so little data to work with.

‪Whatever it is that makes you, I hope you thrive in abundance in it for 2019.‬

Cold Classical Kuiper Belt Objects like 2014 MU69 are true leftovers from the Solar System’s formation 4.6 Billion years ago. Comets have been studied, but soiled by the Sun’s influence. This is too far out, so it’s pristine material that’ll help us determine our origins.

Say hello to the furthest object we’ve ever explored: 2014 MU69! Only 4,000,000,000 miles away from us.

Also the first Classical Cold Kuiper Belt Object studied close up. New Horizons flew by it at 12:32am EST New Year’s Day.

These images were taken at ~50,000km, an hour away from closest approach. Based on resolution here, team is predicting 35m/pixel from closest approach images, which will come soon.

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‪I got a copy of Jim Lovell’s “Lost Moon” from a family friend as a Christmas gift, and when I opened it to the inside SURPRISE IT’S SIGNED BY COMMANDER LOVELL!!!‬

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50 years ago today three astronauts, Frank Borman, William Anders, and Jim Lovell, became the first humans to witness an "earthrise" during their time on-orbit during Apollo 8. Here's what it looked like in real time with the actual audio: youtube.com/watch?v=LHbFIieK-u

Hearing Anders shock at the view, and then Borman and Lovell scrambling like hell to take photos is absolutely amazing.

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