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Say hello to the furthest object we’ve ever explored: 2014 MU69! Only 4,000,000,000 miles away from us.

Also the first Classical Cold Kuiper Belt Object studied close up. New Horizons flew by it at 12:32am EST New Year’s Day.

These images were taken at ~50,000km, an hour away from closest approach. Based on resolution here, team is predicting 35m/pixel from closest approach images, which will come soon.

@ROCKETDRAG the real amazement for me is how the scientists can determine so much shit from how fuzzy it is AND with only (not only??) 2D images

like fricken bless

@starwall Quite! It’s a true surprise, but also a great target that’s confirmed some long held ideas!

@ROCKETDRAG I'll be following this closely. I want to learn a lot about this rock

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