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I made some Zootopia-sonas in like 2016 and they will forever be two of the best designs I've ever come up with

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Wolf O'Donnell DOESN'T SMOKE. He vapes.
The pollutants from cigars/cigarettes cause lasting damage on a ship and for a mercenary their ship is practically their life, also his doctor informed him that lung ailments are common in his family so he's working on quitting altogether.

Honestly "everything" restaurants are so hard to find but I tell ya, I'm going to get something different from that place every week. Serving all day breakfast is a huge plus too!

[quick cut to me stuffing french toast for dinner into my mouth as I cram study right before my Spanish class]

It's so weird that I live in Seattle which has a bujillion furries but I never like, actually talk to any of em. I probably should start meeting/talking to people

Tomorrow is my 2nd Spanish class. I'm super nervous because there are so many different words on the "emotions" form I keep losing track, I've got the alphabet down pretty well and basic objects come easily, but I think I'll be reading over the emotions form every chance I get.

Omg you ever just like, stumble and have your gender just fall out?? Like lord, pronouns and stuff just getting everywhere it's so awkward because then you gotta pick it all up and the wind starts blowing things around, ugh but you have to because you don't wanna litter Uuuuuugh

Hey client who named your Sphinx cat Beerus. You are my favorite now.

Estoy nervioso por hablar en español. Estoy intentando.

I sat down to study Spanish and got a phone call right at that moment and the person was speaking Spanish and I kinda panicked a lot lmao

My story idea process:

Space Mice?
Mice in space??

𝙂𝙖𝙮 Mice in space!!!!

I have an idea for a cool raccoon OC but I'm trying to decide if I should make their rival/partner a squirrel or an opossum...

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Heck it, here's a WIP of something I hope to finish soon. Between life events I just haven't found the time to draw

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