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Anyway here's Neru's super basic ref sheet I intend on adding more to in the near future.

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I made some Zootopia-sonas in like 2016 and they will forever be two of the best designs I've ever come up with

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I haven't beat Kingdom Hearts 3 yet but intend on buying FFIX for the 3rd or 4th time tomorrow, goodnight!

Oh snap! My gay roommate who left practically without a word who ran off to become a pilot has returned and is a flight instructor now!

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that "what do i want to do" limbo, where it's getting late, you've got work in the morning, and have like 4 things you kinda want to do but not sure if you really have time for any of them and just end up wasting a bunch of time for no reason!

I should cut my old usernames loose, let some other fledgling anime dweebs think of and use them. I've even considered renaming my main rabbit fursona because it used to be a play on being "the lazy high school/college student" but truth is I haven't felt "lazy" in a long time!

I'm shocked! I never thought I'd hear the words: "I took down the whole squad!" come from MY character!

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I want to draw my many characters in cute underwear....

My roommates and I have aligned our pizza clock, which is to say, we all order/buy pizza simultaneously from different places without telling the others.

Characters: Fox, Wolf, and Falco
Map: Corneria
Items: Super Mushroom
Character Size: MEGA

Wolf: Wolf Daddy
Fox: Fox Pup
Falco: Bird Vers

So I named my Wolf amiibo "Wolf Daddy", Fox has been "Fox Pup" since the Wii U days, what horribly gay furry thing should I name my Falco amiibo?

Woof, players are already starting to drop out early instead of waiting for the revive in Apex Legends. This ain't Fortnite y'all, trust your team!

Wolfs! Now I have an extra to open and hang out with Fox and Falco!

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