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I need to be solo
Freedom in the mono
Find a space and let go
I need to be solo, solo

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I made some Zootopia-sonas in like 2016 and they will forever be two of the best designs I've ever come up with

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Banjo is gay and is dating Conker!
Kazooie is a lesbian!
Happy Pride Month!

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I very rarely go into my brother's room but I picked up his mail for him, so I went to go deliver it and like, there's just bottles of hot sauce everywhere. Like, so many different kinds of hot sauce. On his desk, table, entertainment center, by the sink... bottles of hot sauce

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Men in Black and Godzilla play back-to-back at my local theater later today and I am absolutely tempted to get tickets to both...

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I love making nonbinary/agender characters!! They're so much fun to write and play as because I can for once, really relate!

Should I use Blender 2.79 or jump into the current build?

Oh... My goodness. For the last 9 weeks I've been dashing to a bus stop 3 blocks away to get to my transfer to get to my class and... There's another stop across the street I could have been going to this whole time. It's saved me like 25 minutes!

Omg I just thought "Free" would be a cute name for a character, but then I realized if I was like "This is Free" folks might think I'm trying to give the character away or something because people be like that.

I've gotten refs for nearly all of my characters and am feeling super inspired to keep doing more stuff, it's so exciting!

Rabbit and rodent fursonas who smile really big and show off their big chompers are so cute

Oh ye old birdsite. I was just tagged in my first random post of someone referring to themselves as a "big boy" while simultaneously saying something about "going back to your safe space" because someone criticized Doom a bit. I feel like I've achieved a new level of social media

Florence Adrian (bunny) and his husband, Kanoro (opossum), love to dance~!
(Both go by he/him pronouns)

Finally got to draw my own little pride pic!
Nonbinary, demisexual, gay bunny

Florence Adrian (bunny) and his husband, Kanoro (opossum), love to dance~!
(Both go by he/him pronouns)

The strong debate over whether it's better to upload art I've finished from my phone during the day, having no idea how the preview looks on PC or other devices while I'm at work. Or uploading it after work when folks might be going to bed and might not see it at all.

Some mornings:
Lazily crawl out of bed, turn off alarm, search for clothes, drag myself out of the house, groaning because work
Time: 10 minutes early

Flips out of bed, turns off alarm, has clothes prepared, dashes out of the house, ready for the day.
Time: 7 minutes late

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