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pokesona, underwear, zeraorasona, furry art 

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I need to be solo
Freedom in the mono
Find a space and let go
I need to be solo, solo

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Furry art, Bunny, Minimalist outfit, fantasy 

I need to get a guitar so i can learn how to play it and then not learn how to sing so i could just play and sing punk

I'm tired and should be asleep but i can't stop listening to folk punk

I don't think the pokemon games properly convey the impact of capturing legendary pokemon.
We are playing as kids/teenagers with the literal ability to capture and command gods for our amusement. There are entire pockets of civilization that rely on these creatures being free.

After working in offices so long, my petty butt would absolutely infinity gauntlet all cursive into print other than signatures. Signatures are cool and personal but filling out entire forms in cursive is just unnecessary and when scanned into a bad fax machine, it's just a mess.

Being a furry is great.
Sometimes I'm a mouse, other times I'm a rabbit. And when I wanna be, I can be a zappy kitty with big ol bappy pawbs

pokesona, underwear, zeraorasona, furry art, slight adjustments 

pokesona, underwear, zeraorasona, furry art 

Your Zeraora theyfriend offers for you to sit in their lap for a better seat, do you accept??

food pic 

It's me, the trans rights Zeraora here to say: "Trans Rights!"

pokesona, underwear, zeraorasona, furry art 

LRT, yeah i love my new pokesona, zeraorasona is very very good!

I was freaking out for a moment this morning because my tablet just wasn't acting right...... turns out it was actually just my monitors's resolution being funky because i've been using a TV as a monitor since 2011 and it's not actually computer-monitor size. PHEW. I fixed it!

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