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Hey folks! Thanks to @Rybark for bringing me in to this thing!

Intro: Hi I'm Reed. I'm gay. I'm new in town. And I'm extremely tired please let this end.

Don't forget to D.A.B.!!


One of the most important things about queer folk aligning with villains is that we often never get the full story of the villain.

And often, when we do, we find them sympathetic, usually due to their story only being villainous if you are writing from a cultural majority perspective.

While a lot of these characters do end up doing some very heinous things, we empathise with them more due to understanding the pressures that were put on them. In a different world, they could have been an asset, but now they are antithetical to straight/cis culture. We were taught that to deviate was evil, but so many popular villains would probably be less evil if not forced into corners.

Sorry I've been missing over here. It's been a hard couple months

I said this over there and I'll say it here too. Y'all are gonna be disappointed with my spicy, socialist scientist ass.

I posted this on my Twitter and it's driving furries crazy. I'm up to like... 200 RTs and like 50+ new follows?

I never get that kind of attention because I'm mostly a news aggregator and politics person.

I am looking at this hellhouse, this Garry's Mod map of a domicile, that @sutter set me and I'm losing my gottang marbles.

This house is built on prayers and Home Depot gift cards.

lavishing a Lucario with headpats and asking it "who's a good dog" until it gets so overstimulated that it can't reply in human and falls back on a vocabulary of yapping and barking "lucario!"

(which is the correct answer!)

This just in (dumb) 

I'm too gay to be at work today. I'm wearing seersucker over a tabletop of luchadores smooching.

I've got a baby gay stalker on my Twitter. It's like... Weird

“this isn’t sex

i don’t think

it’s just extreme empathy”

yeah listen will i don’t know what the fuck that means but it sounds great and i love it

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