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the moon is a lesbian and im going to eat her

Me: I'm definitely gonna design a non macro character this time


Me: *vibrates*


Help my new character is just a horny gaming PC

Mod a horse into starfox adventures, not an anthro horse just a regular horse

let's face it, due to the game awards Red Dead Redemption 3 is gonna be so furry and so gay now so it can win that too

someone draw this but it's zest and mirina on her shoulder

Daikanu on twitter did a very good cybernoodle for me imo (its not done i'm waiting on some other stuff to go with the ref)

I'm just a kid who's four / every day I grow some more / I am now six foot four / I'm Caillou
So many things to do / each day is something new / I am now twelve foot two / I'm Caillou

i got into an alpha for a game but its under nda and im just, vibrating about it

discord needs to be more assertive when i get PMs because i just opened it up to like a half dozen from people

spent the day working on Zombies dark ops challenges @[email protected]

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