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fat, hyper, vore mention 

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the moon is a lesbian and im going to eat her

lewd mention, hyper 

NSFW huge bits 

vore, belly 

although i once saw liek, idk, i think their name was skymachine, complaining on their tl about if you ask someone to draw something complicated you're a bad person

halloween costume, Rei as The Terminator

with like super big tits

Pokemon fans: ugh why do they keep reusing Charizard

Me, horny for Charizard: oh no they made him buff

tf, twitter link, tame 


A lil doodle of Snoot havin' a lil Sipp.
Of what? We just don't know

link to comissions post on twitter, hyper, breast expansion, no nudity 

it's horny werewolf sona season all year long

i can’t believe i’m not a fucking cute little animal crossing villager tottering around town this is bullshit i hate this

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