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the moon is a lesbian and im going to eat her

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the original quote, about killing buddha on the road, is a proverb about taking shortcuts, or rather not seeing the journey itself as the benefit. However I think you should really just pet the dog

i dont know how i feel about otters as pets, they seem a heck of a lot different when they're in huge swarms of like, fifteen otts instead of this weird dependent child thing? Maybe the pet ones are rescues? idk

Big warm kaiju hugs for everyone having a bad night out there :<

hey guys look at my fuckin dragon now please

new commission art of my cyberdragon OC Azalea by @ShinSmashega on twitter!

thinkin about the genius bear again

trying to fix your ipod with her big ol' paws

they always end up just giving you a knew one

:possum: maybe u will have better luck at our genius bear
:ferret2: don't you mea-
🐻 helo

:possum_rawr: helo welcome 2 the snout store how can I help u
:ferret2: this snout I bought is too big, it's practically a snoot
:possum_rawr: that's terrible!! Unfortunately we're all out of smaller snouts, we'll have 2 order one in 4 u
:ferret2: but what about that snout you're wearing
:possum_rawr: this is a display model, it is not 4 sale
:ferret2: well okay I want to speak to your manager
:possum_rawr: okay one second
:possum: helo

"Sony: Let's use Tetris as a foundation for a chill, relaxing experience that leaves everyone feeling good about themselves and humanity
Nintendo: *tosses a single T-block into the middle of the crowd* only one of you fucks gets to leave this room"

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