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I have a new Commission Price sheet up for the new year~
Prices haven't changed but I added Soft shading as an option again~
Slots open up the 1st and 3rd week of every month~
Note on FA or DM on Twitter for a slot when they are open~

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The full version of this song is out god...I'm stunned speechless....Ive been listening to this all morning~
KH3 cannot come sooner!

The final episode of this riff session is UP!!!
Stardust Hunters Riff: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories #5

Just a Reminder That I'm opening Commissions Tomorrow (Saturday) The 19th at 12:00/Noon MST.
5 slots will be available but I might take more depending~
Prices are Pinned to my twitter profile and on my FA page~
I'll make an announcement when They are officially open~

Mornin yous Punks~
Come on overs and give dis big Rocket Boss Blimp a Hug...I promise it wont turn yas into a Rubberized Grunt~

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Yeah I keep refreshing snouts and its not letting me upload a pic I just drew. keeps saying an error...Can an Admin help me figure out what the issue is?

I'm trying to upload a pic but its not letting me do so I keep getting a 500 internal server error :T

Next episode of our DS3 playthrough is UP!!!
Stardust Hunters Play: Dark Souls 3 #15

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