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Y’all can call me Russell! I bounce back and forth between my sona Russell the arctic fox and Claire the African wild dog.

I’m 32, I live out on Long Island, NY with my lovely mate to whom I refer to as bun wife! ❀️ I’ve been with her for over seven years now! I’m pansexual and we have an sorta open relationship.

I’ve been involved in the car trade for almost 16 years now. Cars are also a hobby of mine, as is music. I love metal and I’m well versed in its sub genres!

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β€œAll the pain and suffering
Will dispirit or feed you
For each and every time your failures
Will craft you
When the fear of them is gone
Fear is gone

Dying doesn't make this world dead to us
Breathing doesn't keep the flame alive in us
Dreaming doesn't make time less real for us
One life
One chance
All ephemeral”

Our time on this planet is short. Cherish every moment you create, never forget what you learn, your mistakes are a learning curve on which to better yourself

I wanna be outside and watch birb frens happily live their lives.

Art by MagicalArtist on FA

It’s so nice out today I can’t wait to leave work today.

Have I mentioned lately how gorgeous this area is?

netflix rejected my pitch for a sitcom about a feudal peasant travelling into the future and getting an apartment with a modern-day transphobe. can't believe they didn't like serf and terf :(

@RussellTheFox update: the guy only screamed at me, saying I like other fursuit makers that create β€œ10K” fursuits and makes them all from molds and β€œmass produced” while the designer jamhandle only made three so everybody else is dumb.

Yep, blocking that fool lmao

Ah yes, seeing on twitter a fursuiter who completely missed the point as to why people were upset over the β€œdesigner fursuit” crap.

I linked him edgedestroy’s stellar discussion thread about the ordeal so hopefully that helps out.

Friendly reminder to y’all:

Nudity isn’t lewd, you can MAKE it lewd with the right context, but by default it is not.

Sadly that connection is what most people make and I really want to help change that.

Worst thing about having to leave the house: I have to wear clothes.


Another morning. Hopefully today isn’t as stressful...

I am soft doggo

Oh, uh...when I have my profile set to Claire, you can use she/her pronouns if you like. :3

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Having a FWB while having a healthy relationship with your partner still is by far one of the best things that’s happened to me this year so far.

Power to you. Stripes of Pride updated with bi and aro versions, and a new pan version!


:heart_trans: :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :heart_aro: :heart_ace:

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