Reminder to y’all,

April is autism awareness month. Couple of things:

1) do not support Autism Speaks. At all. They silence the voices of actual autistic people and seek a “cure” and compare us to cancer

2) stop and call out others reducing autism to a punchline and/or insult


adding things here:

3) support the work of Autistic self-advocates, and groups such as ASAN and AWNBN

4) actively promote acceptance of autistic people in all walks of life, as opposed to "autism awareness" (which is Autism Speaks' standard catch phrase to cover up what they do).

@stackingstones I’m sharing these links over on my twitter post of this as it’s getting a lot of attention too. Thank you, friend. 💚

@stackingstones you’re welcome! If you know anybody that uses twitter or you use twitter yourself, here’s my tweet about this with the additional sources and notes you gave! 💚 again, thank you!!

@RussellTheFox i looked through the replies, and some of the other threads branching off from that -- you are kind and very patient, friend. <3 some of the trolls up in your mentions, wow. :/

i'm glad to see that people are getting directed to support and resources, though!

@RussellTheFox does replying to people (especially the autistic people who are struggling) with direct links help? given the climate on twitter, i'm not sure if that would give trolls more ammunition or not, but some of those arguments (like "why should we bother NTs instead of wanting a cure") can be debunked easily, if people want to take advantage of what's available.


3) if someone says "ha ha are you autistic or something", the most devastating answer you can give them is a straightforward, completely factual "yes"

@ben from my own experience with that awful kind of humor, most do not care. They’ll double down. Even worse is others on the spectrum who have been desensitized by NTs to believe that dehumanizing themselves is not only “okay” but they’ll gaslight you and tell you you’re overreacting.

@ben And another probably autistic person could say “and they forgot to ask which, so autistic _or_ something”.




3) actually use CWs, because not doing so denies ND people any hope of using any platform without being consistently hurt


THIS!! As an actual autistic, thanks for posting this

@RussellTheFox frankly you could've said FAR worse about Autism $peaks and still not be exaggerating

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