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Introduction post, redone for the modren era 

Brave white man has contrarian opinion and won't shut the fuck up about it

Sayonara Wild Barts, the cavalier attitude of a Bart is too much for me and I am done.

@Rybark Basically a lot of what we talk about on IODM, and basically where the basis for it came, haha.

Like. Both Maleficent and Ursula were based on people who are hard queer looks. One was Divine, the drag queen, obvs, but Maleficent is based on Vampira, a precursor to Elvira.

@Rybark Disney: Are you not admitting some things to yourself or have you just watched too much Drag Race?
Anything else: American Psycho was not a lifestyle guide.

@Rybark Look, we've been villain-coded since the Disney days AT LEAST, and it's certainly one of the most stylin' things to reclaim. :3

Queer folks identifying with villains: hell yeah

Straight people identifying with villains: [immediate mistrust]

Gaming Trivia!!!!: Did you know that the name Sayonara Wild Hearts translates to “goodbye wild hearts”? Now you do!!!!

Me: "I still find it really funny that my doctor literally gave me written patient instructions to listen to a podcast"
@Rybark "What like Joe Rogan?"

I mean the place where I get my hair cut is the most cishet dude place in the world but come on

When they don’t put product in my hair after the haircut and I look like a big dweeb until I can do that

free speech is when i tell everyone to shut the fuck up because i'm talking. censorship is when you do that

I’m wolf this month but these roo telegram stickers I got are very “I wanna be shaped like this”

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