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honestly I have and will always have a crush on k.k. slider. i think i have a thing for DJs.

Playing Undertale tho was like. That song got me through a lot. And I played it at my wedding so aaaaaAAAAA

Most of it is pretty basic transcription from the game. And then occasionally a song will get fancy. Dummy! is still ridiculous

I spent the last three hours sight reading the entirety of the undertale official soundtrack album. I’ve ascended

*playing cadence of hyrule and hopping on every beat* this is a game about roos

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One blues player yelling at another for washing the stanley cup because you’re supposed to let it absorb all the flavors like a cast iron skillet

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Hello! I have commission slots open! Done by Sunday!
40$ Per character, MOST kinks ok! RT if you can't buy today please ^_^

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