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Introduction post, redone for the modren era 

Y’all as a treat for applying for my licensure and all, I want to get a daki commission of my roo with a BIG TAIL TO HUG. Any recommendations on artists doing daki commissions and/or places to get dakis printed?

Recorded not one, but TWO songs today and that rules

rybark piano recording 

rybark piano recordings 

‪Doing teletherapy in my room and figuring out which way to orient the camera to not be like “here’s all my personal shit lol”‬

COVID, MA, pls read 


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"We dreamed of creating the world's most powerful Pokémon... And we succeeded."

Mewtwo is finished! #cosplay #mewtwo #pokemon


life is far too short not to get online and post whatever the fuck

Just gotta wait for it to process, which will probably be several weeks, hoping nothing else is wrong with it that would delay the process now

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covid-19, asking for help 

‪Dipshits: the earth is flat‬

‪Me, a learned genius: the earth is curved to mask loading times‬

celebrity Imagine shitpost, ec 

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