Hey folks that have done like, lines of string and stuff to hang badges up in your room: what materials exactly did you use? I’m going to do that so I can expand from the bulletin board I use here

Got some fuckin lavender yarn and

(Also covered holes in the drywall with stickers shown in the second pic

@Rybark i just used some tweed ish thread i got at a store and pinned it to the board

@Marzimaned ah good to know, thank you! Also I love all the pins and physical stuff like plushies you added, gives it a nice flavor

@Rybark i wanted to put merch somewhere without hurting my bag too bad hahaha

@Rybark this spirit will protect your house and those who live in it

@Rybark aw heck this is real cute, i wanna do somethin like this when i have more art haha

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