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Finally getting around to doing an post after weeks on this site

Hello! I’m a freelance artist aiming to be an animator that also happens to be a furry. I love telling stories through my art, be it for myself or others. For now, I aim to keep doing those things and make people happy!

In this thread are some examples of my works! If you like what you see here, please consider to my Ko-Fi, it helps a lot! You might even get a doodle outside of comms if you do...

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something something conditioned to love white savior myths yadda yadda preference for individual issues rather than systemic ones, etc, etc.

the reason america would be more accepting and sensitive towards of fictional alien/fantasy races than actual, real marginalized groups is because they don't come with all the racial, cultural, religious, and gander baggage

and even if they do, it's more or less boiled down to a single-issue "warlock has oppressed my people witch a magic spell for millenia and only YOU can save us cause we can't save ourselves" type deal

no systemic problem needed to be addressed, and you get to feel good

"being horny and stupid is not something you do once, it's a lifestyle" god what mood

People often imagine Disney animated movies taking place in a shared extended universe. But nobody talks about the far more interesting counterpart if you do the same thing for DreamWorks animated movies -- i.e., that Shrek would co-exist with actual God.

Gonna try to do more Pokemon Diamond Any% runs now. Stop by if you want.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If poetry is so great
Where is poetry 2?

Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


It's @cozykaffe !!

(Did u know I'm open for comissions? A colored sketch is 10 bucks CAD!)

god i hate disney's live action remakes with a passion

yeah just go ahead and alienate and disrespect animation some more you dickheads

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My new sona/OC, Branch the tanuki/badger cross! I have some fun art of him on the way in the near future!

Once the strong guys got it how they wanted, they said "this is fair now, this is the law". Once they were winning, they changed the rules up

- Adventure Time S06E12

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Our mother has been absent ever since we founded Rome
But there's going to be a party when the wolf comes home

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