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Here’s my long overdue redux of my post:

Hey y’all! I’m a NB furry artist currently studying to become an animator. I love to create and tell stories, which I do mostly through my art with various mediums. Also, being kind and connecting with people is rad

You can find my work on my various sites, mostly my online portfolio in my info. You can also support me by throwing a buck via Ko-Fi, it helps a lot and you might even get a doodle for free!

Nice to meet you all! (Again)

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Here’s my Switch friend code for friends and fellow smashers alike!

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‪When you realize the colors on the drop shadow of your ref that you made to evoke the CYMK color scheme matches the pan flag and you didn’t even intend it‬

‪Made a second version because the first one was pretty difficult to read, with some slight tweaks as well‬

‪The entire Kirby fandom: Kirby Air Ride 2‬

‪Me, a lone soul: Shinya Kumazaki making extremely wholesome instagram photos with the boy‬

(Pun entirely intended btw
I might do some outfits for em one day for now PLEASE LET ME SLEEP)

‪While working on other projects, decided to finally make a ref sheet for my sona to finalize their design! They’ve changed quite a bit since their first appearance, but I’m really happy with how they came out ❤️‬

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kink, mh and murder mention Show more

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that's me in the garbage

that's me in the trash, bin

boosting all these shitposts

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in case you think i'm obsessed with ffxiv, players over in china are currently doing the "KFC raid" where you eat a stupid amount of food and make yourself sick so you can get a black chocobo mount

they're also shitposting about it and it's amazing

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