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Okay I’m done thanks for putting up with the Het posting ✌🏾

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Two wolves inside me and one is black and the other one is black

Okay sorry lol back to fun stuff


In FF one I put a POC (Greg) as the center piece so when people opened the book randomly it would fall on them.

FF two I got a POC for the cover and I think the first 3? Starting images of the book are from POC.

But that’s small. I oughta do more

I think there’s positive in being black without compromise in a majority filled community. But I wanna do more.

Probably being hard on myself but I don’t think I’ve done enough... need to try to change that.

I wish I’d done more for POC (and especially black people) than help organize a party, and draw some fan art and talk on twitter.

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Fusing with one of your mutuals with the fusion dance

Anyways that’s all lol snoutville gets the news before twitter because I wanted to vent.

Also I’m really nervous that quitting and moving to Philly is actually shooting myself in the foot.

I’m kinda praying one of those dead leads I have come alive and surprise me with an offer but I know that ain’t gon happen.

I’m pretty nervous since this will be the first time I ever really give my two weeks (last few jobs I kinda just... faded out of because they were technically or i had to stop working because of circumstances)

So I quit my job in 5 days and move to Philly I guess

I’m so nervous for this new Chance the Rapper album. I have some strange feeling that with this album he is going to dumb down his content even further. It probably will still sound good but end up being more Pop Gospel than clever bars

Coloring book didn’t have many clever bars.

I just want Kid Cudi to have another album that is as consistent as MONM1 and NOT HAVE KANYE ATTACHED TO IT.

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