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Death, cancer, please read 

Hey. We all know medical debt is a big problem in the USA.

Wanna do something about it?

Here's a charity that buys medical debt and forgives it in a way that keeps the people who owe that debt from owing taxes on having that debt forgiven.

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell people on the bus or train. Donate in your most racist and entitled relative's name and tell them you did it. :blobyeengrin:

Just read this quote on Mr T's thoughts on his name on Wikipedia and cried a bit

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Kinda spoilers (Control), musicposting 

Alcohol mention 

My legs are so sore from squats yesterday, blugh




Song lyrics, repeating words 

NSFW, subsnoot that isn’t subtle at all 

I know most of you following me have already seen this so I guess if you don't mind boosting it that'd be dope but if someone sees this that hasn't checked out my music and you're down to support a queer musician I could use some extra cash for my phone bill coming up and I'd like to get some posters printed for my upcoming set I'm DJing (and other surviving capitalism needs)

I swear I'm gonna have new music you can check out soon lol.

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UK politics / toot for white people 

Click here to remove Skype from W10 

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