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Move These Gays! Fund (Update 2) 

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Butt Stuff (A Condensed Strategy Guide) 1/? 

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A note to all donors (1/3) 

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art post!

Geometra (Gea for short) is a leukistic West African giraffe.

1. Gea cosplaying Rosalina by sheepkind on tumblr.
2. Gea doing yoga by Lumberjade on tumblr.
3. Gea running on the beach by ginsengandhoney on tumblr.
4. Gea and some leafs, lines by @GlitterDisaster and colored by me.

(I need to get a proper ref sheet lol)


NSFW Furry Art, Nude Couple, Cis male/female, No genitals shown 

if i never have to hear the phrase "microsoft c++ redistributable" again it'll be too soon

dolly parton - mambo 9 to 5. is this anything.

This image has such a joyous and powerful energy... itโ€™s so energetic, so happy...

History! Once again these are such amazing pictures... they are so vivid, so humane. They look like my momsโ€™ albums, they feel so real

final thought for the night, if you have ripped jeans and it's cold, leggings under them are super cute and also valid

Move These Gays! Fund (Update 2) 


Good news for folks who love secret government agency stuff. I've got a hot-off-the-presses Office of Consensus Maintenance leak! Get it before it's "corrected".

Featuring a lovely seal by the Office's own Mx. Violet Tendency (@distressedegg)!

So I'm in a tough position, my hours got cut at work cause they decided they didn't want to pay out payroll for already scheduled shifts. I'm currently looking for a 3rd job (or replacement for the retail one) but in the meantime I really need some extra work.

I do have a commission queue, but if you have deadlines I can accommodate for it - especially if it's for a Christmas gift. I can fast track those :)

cloacas are great, but have you seen a leopard slug's iridescent hermaphroditic head penis?

homelessness; transmisia 

Merchants: People who earn their living selling things other people made. They may also be capitalists who sell products made by their hired proletariat, or they might just be merchants selling things crafted my artisans. The mercantile class can be its own thing sometimes.

Scabs: A member of the proletariat who works at a company whose workers are currently on strike. Typically these are short-term hires specifically hired for the duration of the strike.

Proletariat: People who earn their living by selling their labor. (A factory worker, a construction worker, a bus driver, a barista)

Artisans: People who earn their living by creating or crafting something and selling their creations. An artisan owns the tools and means they use to create their product, they generally work for themselves. (A shoemaker, an artist, a tailor, a musician

Capitalists: People who earn their living through buying labor and selling the resulting products

Since a lot of people seem to not know:

Boycott: A call for consumers to cease purchase or use of a product or brand until a demand is met.

Walkout: A one day action where all of the workers at a company, during the day, suddenly all stop working and walk out to rally

Strike: A prolonged action where all of the workers at a company cease working until a demand is met. Which often involves...

Picket lines: When striking workers stand outside a business rallying and urging for a boycott

*sees a bird*
*sighs wistfully*
i love u flappy fuckers

It'd be cool to have a queer as hell Christmas song about NOT going back to visit your unsupportive family out of false obligation and instead spend it with your partners and friends

You could call it something like I'll Stay Home For Christmas

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