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Selfie, eye contact 

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new favorite art of Geometra by my incredibly skilled and talented sister-in-law @gothcred :giraffic:

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A Brief History of Ska—1 

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Butt Stuff (A Condensed Strategy Guide) 1/? 

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A note to all donors (1/3) 

scientists have discovered that hugging a serena kitten and giving her a little snack will make you live longer

*names my animal crossing island "polycule"*

protip on owning the libs 

do you ever get the same notification twice in a row? like,

coolperson favourited your status
"wha'ts up im gay'

coolperson favourited your status
"wha'ts up im gay"

i think it's good luck like a fedi double rainbow

It has a fade and everything... I'd never think they'd let me make characters with hair like this ever, since before you had to get sunburnt to not just be white, haha

You have no idea how much I love the fact that Animal Crossing has ACTUAL POC hairstyles

Vampire polyamory b/c each person is supposed to wait 8 weeks between blood donations.

🕚🌝 11:00 PM?

that's horny time 'round these parts...

"the god who created the orcs" the god? one? god? singular? all of the orcs are theistic and they all agree on who made the orcs?

"the Orcish language" is a fucked idea. accepting the premise that at least some linguistic communities center around a population of a 'race', there is no fucking way that all orcs speak the same language. where are the orcs who speak a creole of East Coast Common, Bitterwaste Elvish, New Dunbar East Orcish, & Downslopes Firehills Halfling and consider themselves coethnic with the halflings alongside whom they were once enslaved before they rebelled together & established an independent state?

the CS classes you take: implement red-black trees and mergesort

the CS classes you need: hey all the information you need is spread across a half dozen CSV files with incompatible formats, unfuck that please

photos by Tracie Williams from their series Feed The Flame, taken during the eviction of Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock 2017.

My aesthetic: robots whose eyes flash with every syllable their vocoder speaks

hey. i need money to buy school supplies so i'll sketch a character for u
- 25 usd for half body
- 30 usd for full body
- no mechs
- yes furries
- paypal only

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