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Attention young queers: if you don’t have a good relationship with your mom, or if you just want a new one for any reason, I will be your Mom.

• I will never hassle you about your gender, sexuality, income, relationship status, or number of children.
• Excellent listener.
• You will be welcome to visit at any time, including holidays, but never required or pressured.
• Automatic enrollment in the Queer Auntie Network.

Reply here or DM for more information. 🦒💕

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Anyways, I’m Lesbian Big Bird, this is my flag. Free to use for all fellow Big Bird lesbians.

[Orange/Pink lesbian pride flag with cartoon Big Bird superimposed]

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Our Special Day :animal_crossing: :heart_lesbian:
:newl: Jessica & Isabelle :newr:
A nice little ceremony officiated by former Mayor Tortimer.

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Anyways if you do Animal Crossing: New Leaf :animal_crossing: come check out my town. :newl: 🦒 :newr:

Dream Address 5C00-0124-E40A

Dm for my friend code if you wanna hang out 😉

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ah yes,, the fursona, the perfect embodiment of all one’s best traits,,, an idealized being. pinnacle of self-expression and pride in the early 21th century

it me tanuki, your beautiful garbage child 💖

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I need a sugar daddy who just buys me nintendo switch games

Chag Purim Sameach! Celebrate the spirit of the season by hanging a corrupt politician by the neck until dead

"capitalism will save us from climate change," i whimper as i fill several crates with magazines to be returned and pulped

"capitalism is streamlined," i bawl, displaying hundreds of very similar magazines about very similar cars in a metre of shelving

"capitalism is the most efficient system," i sob, stocking the shelves with five different land rover magazines

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