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Selfie, eye contact 

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Hey if y’all know any tech company hiring programmers in Pittsburgh, DM me.

Computer Science PhD from LSU 2015
Specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

I know Java, C#, C/C++, Python.

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Butt Stuff (A Condensed Strategy Guide) 1/? 

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A note to all donors (1/3) 

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art post!

Geometra (Gea for short) is a leukistic West African giraffe.

1. Gea cosplaying Rosalina by sheepkind on tumblr.
2. Gea doing yoga by Lumberjade on tumblr.
3. Gea running on the beach by ginsengandhoney on tumblr.
4. Gea and some leafs, lines by @GlitterDisaster and colored by me.

(I need to get a proper ref sheet lol)


thinking about my thighs and sighing contentedly

hey @ben real quick, what’s the coolest thing you can think of?

@Sapphicgiraffic was really expecting a stronger reaction to these :/

wholesome domme 

someone made an open list of companies that supported + are using ICE

new eeveelution idea: if you hit level 100 without evolving your eevee into anything else, it becomes Eevee 2.0: The Eevee-ening 2 Electric Boogaloo, which looks like a regular eevee but one who is very smug and pleased with itself as it should be.

@Sapphicgiraffic can’t boost directly cuz it’s locked, but there’s followers-only nudes in this thread fyi :giraffic:

Trinity Blood is an anime with something for everyone.

It has: vampires, fun uniforms, Catholic Vash the Priest Stampede, double vampires, big titty nuns, early 2000s computer graphics, a spunky flight attendant named Jessica, big titty nuns, Space Jesus, comically oversized hats, Sister Esther (big titty redhead nun)...

i know just enough chemistry to make that joke, and understand bad chemistry jokes like "polar bears swim in water, nonpolar bears swim in benzene", and not a single fucking ounce more

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