Which fucking galaxy-brained economic genius is responsible for government employees having to pay income tax on their earnings to the same government that employs them??!

Like, it just seems like pointless overhead. Typical capitalist inefficiency.

“Oh your salary comes from Government funds which come from taxes, primarily income tax, so we will tax you so we can pay you out of what we just taxed you.”

I just... 😫😤

@Sapphicgiraffic like income tax is bullshit in the first place and especially bullshit when prioritized over property taxes or things like capital gains tax. Fuck rich people 🤬

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@debs why not just exempt federal employees from federal income tax (and state employees from state income tax) and adjust their pay accordingly so their net pay is the same? Because Capitalism loves busy-work and hand-waving.

@Sapphicgiraffic probably generates work for accountants or something idunno

@FuchsiaShock oh it’s definitely a grift. And it’s busy-work. Just to keep people occupied so they’re too busy and tired to get unruly.


I mean yeah, but imagine trying to explain to some ultraconservative that government employees don't have to pay taxes but they do. Doesn't matter where the money comes from, they'll flip their shit. Everything has to be "fair", but they experience fairness the way a three-year-old does.

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