From: @Sapphicgiraffic

To: @BestGirlGrace

Dear Skunk Grace,
How do you use a computer with such poor eyesight and that big fluffy tail?

Jessica :giraffic:

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*sound of typing, the camera can only see the pink and black of her tail bobbing back and forth while she types.*

Dear Jessica Giraffe,

Thank you for your email, I always love to hear from the ladies. You see, a savvy skunk such as myself has a number of options when it comes to seeing the messages have it beamed direct to my eyeball terminals (shot of me making some girls look at the spirals on my glasses) or even hooked right up to my brain! (same thing but with a cable in the back of someone's neck) And as for the tail, well, let's just say it attracts more girls than it scares off. (Camera pulls back, revealing girls fast asleep in my tail.)

Thanks for your question, Jessie's Girl!

(preeeeow: email Skunk Grace at [email protected] )

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