yes, i’m a programmer.
yes, i’m a furry.
yes, i applied for a bunch of jobs and accepted interview invitations using a google account that has my fursona set as the icon.
we exist; deal with it :girafficfullglasses:


“Jessica, why are you interested in relocating to Pittsburgh?”

Well, the job market is strong for my field, housing is affordable, and there’s a large Jewish community with good schools for my daughter.

More importantly tho, I’d be able to attend Anthrocon every year for the rest of my life without buying plane tickets ​:girafficfullglasses::transdab:

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it’s called “priorities” bitch ​:girafficglasses:

@Sapphicgiraffic and it would be WAY more practical for me to come be a dork with you in person

@Sapphicgiraffic (also i hear that they have good LGBT healthcare

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